Gathered Thoughts Link Party

We have a fun and inspiring writing prompt project coming up! It’s the Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  You see, we have been hunting high and low for unique products to add to the LoveFeast Shop.  When we choose items, this may sound corney, but it has to speak to us. It has to reverberate in our souls and say, “I belong in your home.”  People have asked us just how we choose products and we wish we had a wise, studied and researched market analysis type answer.  But, we don’t.  When we see it, we just know.  The 365 Gathered Thought Box is one such item.

365 Gathered Thoughts Comes in Cream or Black

We think it belongs on every table.

Each box contains 365 Gathered Thoughts, to marinate on and add inspiration to your day.

And because this box has inspired us so much, we wanted to share some of that mojo with you!  We have taken 365 Gathered Thoughts and bundled them into packages of 10. We are looking for 36 23 hostesses, to take a package and pass out 9 Gathered Thoughts to blogging friends.  Each blogger will use a Gathered Thought as a writing prompt.  They will write a post and link it up here on March 19th.  It’s that easy!

We wish we could give each and every one of you one of these boxes, but unfortunately we are not Oprah. So, if you volunteer to be a hostess, we will enter you into a giveaway for one Gathered Thoughts Box.  AND if you link up a post, you will be entered into another giveaway of another Gathered Thoughts Box.  But, the love doesn’t end there.  If you leave a comment the day of the link up party, we will also be giving away another new item from our shop.  Three chances to win…on one inspiring day…gathering with many friends around the table on March 19th.  Will you join us?  We’d love it if you said yes!

If you are interested in being a hostess, email us at lovefeasttable @ with your mailing address and we will ship a sweet little stack of Gathered Thoughts right out to you.  Then you pass out 9 of those to fellow bloggers, facebookers, stumbled upon-ers, pinterest pinners…anyone with access to writing a post (or creating a Pinterest board that is inspired by the prompt), publishing it and linking up on March 19th.

Check out the 365 Gathered Thoughts Box in our LoveFeast Shop!  Leave a comment if you like this idea or the Gathered Thoughts Box!

We are thrilled to announce some of our hostesses (click on their photo to visit their blog):

Annie  Anna   Chrissy  Chrissy  Donna   HomeSchool Mom, Crafter, Storybook Reader, Caffiene Guzzler, Fiesty, Coma Using, Girly Girl Ashley

 Crystal     Lani

 Erin    Ruby

 Laura    Brielle

 Tahnie   Abby

Amanda  Amanda   Kamille


You can grab the Gathered Thoughts Link-Up button below and add it to your site and/or post:

LoveFeast Table Gathered Thoughts Party

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  1. I’m so excited to get the cards and share with others!! Looking forward to posting on the 19th with everyone else.

    Many Thanks,
    Chrissy Farnan

  2. That sounds so fun!!

  3. Sent you an email. This sounds wonderful.


  4. I would love to host! Emailing you now! 🙂

  5. Are you still looking for hostesses? I would love to thrown my name in the hat!

    • Kristin says:

      Lani, can you send your address and blog addy to lovefeasttable @ Thanks!! We still have space!

  6. hey, this sounds awesome! can i host?? we are getting tight on time, though! is it too late? question- the other 9 cards, what exactly do i do with them? how to i “give” them to 9 friends? (credit donna for her tweet today sending me over here!)

  7. I love this idea!!! If you still need hostesses, I am all in. 🙂

  8. Summer, it is a bit late to get cards out to you, but if you want to participate by grabbing one of these prompts, we’d love to have you join us on Monday!

  9. I love this!! The kiddos are napping, I’m settling in with a nice hot cuppa, ready to read!! Thank you so much for hosting this! It feeds my mommy soul, my writer soul, my woman soul.

  10. Thanks so much for organizing this little party! I’m really enjoying reading all of the responses.

  11. so glad to participate in this lovely gathering.

  12. Would love a box for my home! I am a psychotherapist and have question boxes for clients in my office. But this box of wonderful quotes would fit perfectly in my home. Great conversation starters for family at dinnertime. Looooove!

  13. Thank you for hosting this link up! I’m loving visiting all the other blogs & seeing which quotes people were inspired by 🙂

  14. I loved this! Such an amazing prompt to reflect on God’s beauty in the every day!

  15. found you through a chain of blogs and so glad I did. What a great idea. I linked a post that fit well with a quote from Amanda at Life.Edited. Look forward to reading more from this list of writers. Thanks!

  16. Thank you for hosting these wonderful thoughts! Di@Cottage-wishes

  17. I had so much fun taking part in this! It really opened up a little window in the attic of my mind that needed some…airing, I guess 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity. Can’t wait to join in for the chat tomorrow!

  18. Thanks so much for hosting!! Did you choose the cards winners yet? Have a blessed day!


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