GE Momsperience 2011 In Louisville

This is where we’ve been hanging around the last few days.  It’s the stables at Churchill Downs where we’ve been sipping on mint juleps.  Well, not just that, lots of other things too~

We’ve also been hanging out with red penguins, GE Appliances and other bloggers this past weekend for the first GE Momsperience.  GE Appliances hosted a fabulous weekend for a group of bloggers and their guests.  It was a time to learn more about the brand, share ideas and start a conversation.  We had a creative itinerary full of time to meet, mix, share and learn.  We had a wonderful time and have stories to tell!

We stayed at the 21c Museum Hotel.  The hotel was just the right environment to feel that perfect mix of being well taken care of and getting your creative juices charged.  The hotel holds a contemporary art museum that is open to the public 24/7 and a wonderful restaurant called Proof On Main.  We fell in love with the red penguins which are the the hotel’s “mascot” of sorts.

Kristin flew in from Baltimore and I flew in from Minneapolis.  As soon as we arrive we settled in the bar at Proof for lunch.  It was good to be together in real life again!











The LoveFeast gals took a little break that afternoon to work on their brand new web site.  We were multi-tasking to the max, catching up, meeting new friends, making plans, reviewing fonts and meeting with our graphic designer.

The official GE Momsperience began that evening with introductions and apps’, art, drinks and hat-making!


























Tomorrow we will share what the next day’s agenda brought us…time at the GE Monogram Experience Center and Churchill Downs.  With hats in tow the evening ended…it was going to be a whirlwind of an experience and we had just begun!

We’d love to hear your GE Momsperience story too!  If you were on the GE trip link your post and share your story!


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