Glitter Inspiration

I just shared a post about our LoveFeast friendship and journey you can check it out here.  One night, in fact the night before I flew home, Kristin and I were up to late.  We had gone past the point of productivity and were sitting quietly side by side at the table, sipping wine, and drifting around on the internet and twitter.  From time to time, we would comment on something to each other and somehow we landed on this video of Pink.  It’s so beautiful I wanted to share it!!  So artful, so inspiring!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever thrown Glitter in the Air ~ That’s what we’re doing on our journey!  We’ll see where it takes us!!

And, stay tuned we are about to show you what we’ve been Glitterizing!!

What are you throwing some glitter towards in your life?


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