Godiva Dark Hot Chocolate GiftAway Winner!

Peacock Pillow

Um…ya’…..we’re still here….here in blog land.  We’ve taken a little hiatus (to lounge) (I wish) to tear down the tree and wrap up the ribbons and bows (and eat all the leftover cookies)…….and then that led to other things (like sofa plopping) (only from sheer exhaustion)…..like a mean streak of spring cleaning in this frigid winter!!  Even Kristin and I hadn’t chirped a snip to each other (really) until today via text.

(Slightly modified…unlike MckMama who is all about honesty in 2010…I edited for a slightly less authentic take on our texting….lol….and that’s honest!)

Kristin:  “We were invited to go to club tonite….Wish u were here.”

(I know…even some moms go clubbin’)

Me:  “Fun….am hiding out, cleaning, purging, organizing, etc….now running errands.”

(um, this is like what I do every day)

Kristin: “M going through piles of paper work, packing away decor, purging, emailing, laundry…”

(this is why we started blogging!—escape!)

Me:  “M doing all the same..am even throwing old sheets..”

(it doesn’t get any more mad housewife than this!)

Me: “We crack us up”

(Total narcissistic humor…we’re funny to us!)

Kristin:  “Totally dreamin’ bout post w/ before new years clean up pics and aftr clean up pics.  Calgon!”

(wishful thinking)

Me:  “Also, am going to go thru the china via camera with you”

(so totally housecleaning 2010)

Kristin:  “Virtual china piking, nice. ….We should make a goal of web caming this year both our computers…”

(we can do this!)

Ahhhh….and what woke me momentarily out of this blogging slumber?  It was our friend Kate over at, Kate in the Kitchen, who kindly linked our Cranberry Orange & White Chocolate Scones recipe…..which than reminded us that we were suppose to run a little GiftAway of the Godiva Dark Hot Chocolate!!!  We’re so sorry we were pokey!!  That was sooooo 2009 of us!!!  Anyway…the winner we are happy to announce is Cara….who has a lovely little blog about motherhood and her little bean….called Land of Bean.  We are sending her out a box with some Godiva Dark Chocolate mix asap!

(Hey, this is Kristin butting in….) I see you’re finally writing a post…you beat me to it!  But, great minds think alike! ha ha…going narcissistic again….we’ve been left alone with ourselves too long!  Anyway, congrats Cara!!! (I met Cara at a playground once.  She’s a momma who deserves a moment sipping hot chocolate!)  And (excuse me for one more second) Chris Ann, you wanted a picture our our party peacock, in the snow,  to announce the winner…I think you forget, we’re not in the Minnesota tundra here in Baltimore, so here is a picture of the peacock in “snow”!

Party Peacock-Snow Bunny