Fancy Friday ~ Graduation Parties

Graduation is coming just around the corner.  For many it is a time of planning, preparation and party throwing.  Last year I seem to remember both Sandy ~ The Reluctant Entertainer and Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer were hosting graduation celebrations.  Kristin and I have a year or two before we throw graduation party celebrations.  Just last summer we hosted a party for 16 year old boys.  But, we are happy to gather any tips and ideas for those that have gone before us.

Last May, Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer asked me to help decorate for her daughters graduation party.  I was thrilled to help!  And, thrilled my garden was in full spring bloom!






Now, what you may not know, is that Kristen and I have been friends for years.  Our husbands were high school and college friends and Kristin and I were college roommates.  We were both in each others’ weddings and have seen our families grow from babyhood and now the beginning of adulthood.  I’m not going to do the math for you, because I don’t want to blow our cover!  See look!

Mom and daughter on the celebration day~ beautiful!

For the graduation centerpiece we wanted to keep a couple of things in mind ~ beauty, simplicity, sturdiness in the wind (since this was going to be an outdoor event) price and school colors.

So, instead of buying or renting small vases.  I realized I had these inexpensive wine glass tumblers.  Several years ago I purchased  about 20 of these tumblers for a couple of bucks a piece at Pier One.  They have come in handy for so many events and have been used for desserts, drink and now vases.

Then, I added blue polished glass from my local craft store.  This was to both weight down the tumblers and add a little bit of color.  I added water of course to keep the flowers from wilting.

The school colors were blue and gold.  I cut wired ribbon to hang off the side of each vase.  I folded the cut ribbon and then bent it over the edge.  I didn’t use any adhesive because I didn’t want any tape or glue to show and it stayed just fine.  The ribbon over the edge was a little extra touch that gave a finished effect.

Then, I added only yellow flowers of different shapes and sizes to the vase for a monochromatic arrangement.

The finished centerpiece was simple, sturdy and beautiful and let the most important thing at the table hold the attention ~ friends and family who came to spend time together and celebrate!

Tips for graduation party centerpieces:

1.  Ask a friend with a blooming garden to help.

2.  Choose simple weighted low vases or glasses.

3.  Use garden flowers for a personal touch and to keep expenses low.

4.  Choose a monochromatic colors that highlight school colors or theme.

5.  Add ribbon or simple detail for a finished effect.

Do you have any tips and stories to share for graduation celebrations?  We’d love to have you link up your ideas or share it as a comment with us at our table!