Grilled Lettuce After The Long Trail


There are some things that would be fairly difficult for our suburban family to experience if were not for the fact that my husband’s sister and husband and their kids, live in Colorado.  My husband and I, together with our kids get to experience and see some things that are pretty amazing thanks to them.  The picture above is all 10 of us four wheeling on the Grand Mesa.  The trail was fairly rugged, over boulders, small rivers and rocks, and up and down hill.  We all lived.  Nobody fell off a cliff.  That’s why it’s so dang, invigorating.  And, liberating.  This trail ride, was one of my all time favorite life experiences..even knocking off my all time favorite spa treatment at the Arizona Biltmore off it’s pedestal.  I’ll admit it.  I’d rather trail ride on a perfect day than spa.  Just sayin’.


Trail riding makes you hungry.  And, Uncle Tony never disappoints with excellent steaks and smoked ribs.  But, he threw me this time.  Grilled lettuce.  Charred to be exact.


You start with some lettuce hearts, salted and peppered.  Then, throw them on a nice hot grill.


Add, some balsamic vinegar…


And some Parmesan cheese..


Add some crumbled fried bacon…


Cut up your smoked ribs that have been smoking while you’ve been ridin’ the trails…


What?  You haven’t been smokin’ ribs for hours?


No day long trips over treacherous mountains with children ages toddlers to teens?


When you’ve both warned, “Take your shoes off before you go in that stream!” and “Slow down when you’re going down steep cliffs with boulders and rivers with your sister on back!”  This meal might be for you.


But, it was for them.  And, they liked it plenty.


Grilled lettuce.  It’s what they’re servin’ in Colorado after a hard trail ride.



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