Gussy LoveFeast Vacation Bag Giveaway

We’re heading out for our amazing vacation at the Azul Sensatori Hotel, of Karisma Hotels.  And, as bloggers who are on a mission to share with you via, our cameras, computers, and video our experience…we realized we needed a vacay gear bag!  Well…it was a good thing we know Maggie of Gussy Sews!


Maggie sewed both of us amazing custom bags special for our Mexico getaway!  And, she made one for one of you too!!  She’s spunky like that!


After spending hours picking out fabric…we came up with three LoveFeast Vacay bags!


Yesterday, I drove to Maggie’s house to pick them up.  But, first I had to peek into the Gussy Sews sewing studio.  An urge I couldn’t control.  I’m snoopy like that. Because I know you’d love to see what her creative space looks like!





Together with Maggie we designed one of these LoveFeast Vacay bags for you too!


This one’s Kristin’s:


This is mine!


Here’s our giveaway!DSC_0031

Adorable inside and out~with interior pockets and a smaller zippered pouch!


Here’s how to win a Gussy LoveFeast Vaca bag!

l.  First, sign up for our RSS feed.  The widget is on our front page to the right.  Then, you can easily read about our LoveFeast journey!

2.  Second, join our LoveFeast Table fan page here!

3.  Leave us a comment & let us know that you did 1 & 2!

We’re going to close the giveaway on Tuesday, October 5th, at 7pm Central time & will be using to choose our winner.

Thanks for being part of our journey!!  We love sharing it with you!!  Chris Ann & Kristin

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  1. This is so great! I’m actually going on a little trip to visit my mom in a couple of weeks. This would be a great little carry-on for the plane!
    I follow you on facebook and subscribe to the feed. 🙂

  2. Got the feed, like you on FB, and I subscribe to your e-mails…brownie points on the last one? I have a girls weekend coming up in November, and I would lah-ove to have a Gussy bag to carry all my goods in. Hope you ladies are enjoying your vaca! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CA! xoxo

  3. Oh man…help, help, I can’t do any of those things! I don’t tweet and I’m not on facebook, anyway to still take part?! Those bags are incredible!! I would soooo love one for our getaways…we are actually going to Deep Creek tomorrow for our 17th…CA & my sis were my maids of honor..and I just booked a trip to San Diego in Nov to see Josh graduate as a Navy SEAL..would love to be sporting one of those bags!!!

  4. All Gussy’s stuff is beautiful. I would love to carry one of her bags. I’m already subscribed to your feed and just found you on fb. Have a great vaca!!

  5. You know I’m your girl and already get all of my LoveFeast lovin’s all the ways I can! I need this bag because, frankly, I’m starting to look like a bag lady walking around with all of my designated media bags.

  6. Cyndy's Travel says:

    You are going to love the Azul Sensatori! I’m a specialist with the Karisma Resorts! Glad you are getting away to see them. Enjoy!
    Subscribed to the feed, have you on Facebook, & get your emails. Cool bag! Time to do some writing!
    Have a great trip & save some time for your husbands!

  7. I am so there–of COURSE I like you girls and I subscribed via email. Now I can try to keep up with you…:-) Hope to see you soon!!!!

  8. I did 1&2 and love Gussy’s bags!

  9. These are adorable! Oh, how I wish I had time to play at my sewing machine these days. However, teaching middle-schoolers and studying in grad school have taken over my life. Love, love, love the character in Miss Gussy and the lovely mix of colors in the GIVEAWAY bag. Love to all you girls! <3

  10. I am swooning over that sweet bag!! If I love anything, it’s a great accessory, and that Gussy makes them! I follow you in my reader, and on facebook. Thank you!

  11. I have subscribed and liked on facebook! I am a HUGE Gussy fan and those bags are just gorgeous!

  12. I subscribed, but I don’t Facebook. Can I still be entered? Thanks.

  13. Lindsey@ClassicIvory says:

    I just subscribed and liked…glad I found you through Gussy…and you custom bags are all amazing!

  14. Done and Done eres to hoping I win my first Gussy!

  15. I did 1 and 2 and I love these bags!!

  16. I just did 1 and 2!

  17. Joined your fan page and signed up for the feed!

  18. i did 1 & 2! thanks for the giveaway & have fun on your vacation!!!


    I found you on FB!

  20. I subscribed!

  21. I love this! RSS and FB done! 😀

  22. Ooooo, I loveLOVE this giveaway.
    I subscribed to your blog in bloglovin’.
    I also ‘liked’ it on fbook.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :))

  23. Anna Camperson says:

    Love the bags! just subscribed to the feed and “liked” you on FB:) Looking forward to being the lucky winner!!!!

  24. I LOVE these bags! I’m all set to win big!

  25. #1 and #1 completed! Gussy rocks and I’ glad to have a new blog to follow. Fingers crossed for a win!

  26. Oooh la la! Absolutely gorgeous bags…and I’m so glad I followed Gussy’s links over to find you! Would love make such a yummy bag my very own, but alas, I just recently went on facebook-detox, and purged my account. I’ve subscribed to your feed…please, of please say that us non-facebooky users still stand a chance? xo

  27. I “like” you on FB now. 😉

  28. Constance Mahaffey says:

    I have complied with number 1 and 2. Really hope I win this beautiful bag.

  29. I just completed number 1 and 2. What a lovely bag!

  30. I would LOOOVE to win one of these – they’re so cute! I subscribed to the RSS feed and follow you on FB! Thanks!!

  31. I did #1 and #2. Have a great vacay with your gorgeous Gussy bags! 🙂

  32. i looove it! done and done!

    i always liked the laptop bags gussy had, but these have extra pizzazz!

  33. I follow your blog and I just “liked” your facebook page. 🙂

    (And can I just say one more thing: The orange-y one was my *favorite* bag from the first moment I saw it ~ love.Love.LOVE it! ~ and when I saw that it IS the giveaway bag I couldn’t believe it! It is so ME!)

  34. I did #1 & #2 – love Maggie’s work, Gussy products are just adorable, someone is going to score big with this one 🙂 Enjoy Mexico!

  35. Oh, I love those Gussies! So adorable. Maggie is fabulous. 😀

    I subscribed to your feed – I’m not on Facebook at all, so hopefully just subscribing works!

  36. Hi Ladies,

    I have completed missions #1 and #2 and this will complete #3!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  37. I did #1 and #2. Those bags are awesome!

  38. done and done…I think, the facebook I found said to send a friend request…hope I did that right.
    So excited to have found this, I’ve been ooogling all of the gussy products lately.

  39. Abby Bohn says:

    I am now signed up for your feed!!!!

  40. Abby Bohn says:

    I’m a fan of your FB page!!!!

  41. LOVE IT! pick me, pick me 🙂

  42. I did 1 &2…

    oh, and LOVE that Gussy bag!!! and seriously LOVE that interior fabric.

  43. I read the instructions twice just to make sure I followed the rules! 🙂
    I LOVE these, They are just what I need for Relevant! Perfect size, pockets… Oh.. I hope it’s my lucky day!

  44. Alicia's Homemaking says:

    I subscribed via RSS and liked you on FB. 😀 I love this bag! Especially the fabric on the inside.

  45. I subscribes, liked, and even connected of Google Friend Connect 🙂

    Adorable bags, would be perfect for an upcoming trip to the Relevant conference!

  46. I SO love that bag!! I subscribed and facebook liked you!

  47. I did 1 & 2!! I hope I win! I love that bag, so cute!

  48. Those bags are adorable! I did 1 & 2! 🙂

  49. Done and done! I hope I win…the creativity, beauty, and artistic whimsy inherent in these pieces is STUNNING! I need more Gussy bags in my life, trust me!

  50. Liked you on facebook and am subscribing!

  51. Done & Done! i totally want that bag!! 🙂

  52. I just subscribed and ‘liked’ you on FB. I found you ladies through Gussy, and look forward to exploring your site and getting to know you.

  53. love the Mexican Riveria…relax and enjoy!

  54. #1 – check
    #2 – check

    Love the bags!!

  55. Done and Done!

    (GoogleReader and Facebook)

    Love the combinations you guys picked out!

  56. I signed up for the RSS feed (via Google Reader) and “Liked” your page on Facebook. Love, love, LOVE Gussy’s stuff!

  57. I signed up via Google Reader!

    Love Gussy Stuff!

  58. Hello! I already enjoy Gussy…looking forward to getting to know you girls. I have signed up to get your emails and have “liked” you on FB.


  59. Awesome bags!! Go Gussy!

    I subscribed to your page

  60. I like ya on facebook now also 🙂

  61. I love Gussy products! I am now subscribing to your feed, and a fan on fb! 🙂

  62. FoxyMomma says:

    oh, how i love gussy! and these bags are gorgeous! i subscribed through RSS feed & via email & am a fan on facebook! 😉

    jessicacotten {at} gmail {dot} com

  63. LOVE all of Gussy’s items! I did both items!

  64. Love Gussy! Those bags are beautiful! Subscribed to RSS & like you on FB.

  65. Did 1 and 2! I can never resist a giveaway for gussy items 🙂 fingers crossed; these bags are out of this world adorable!

  66. I did both. I’d love a Gussy bag.

  67. I’ve been wanting a Gussy for quite a while. This would be PERFECT – because I’m always in the market for a great vacation bag too!

    I did both!

  68. Done and done! I could use a new bag–so sick of carrying just a diaper bag around! 🙂

  69. Oh this would be so cute to take on my trip to Paris or Poland. I did 1 & 2 as required. Thanks

  70. I did both-hope I win! I love gussy bags! This would be awesome for a carry on!

  71. signed up and liked your facebook!! that bag is so so cute!!

  72. Andi Adams says:

    I added you to my reader! Can that count? 🙂 I also Liked you!! Love love love Gussy!

  73. Oh I love gussy! Want Want Want

  74. I subscribed to your feed and “liked” you!

    adorable bags!

  75. I joined the RSS fee, became a fan on FB, and Tweeted the giveaway info on Twitter 🙂 I’d love to win a gussy bag, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  76. the bag is gorgeous. thanks for hosting the giveaway.
    i singed up for your feeds in google reader and i liked your facebook page.
    songyueyu at gmail

  77. I joined your feed, and I also liked your fan page. I love Gussy! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway op!

  78. Beautiful bags! Thanks for the giveway. I subscribed to the RSS feed and liked on Facebook.

  79. I absolutely did 1+2 and now I’m doing 3. I would so very much love to win one of these bags. Love the green one especially, and the inside fabric is awesome!

  80. I suscribed by email and I don’t have a faceboook, I hope that is okay 🙂

  81. Done, done, and done. I even linked you to SHF, but that was last week. Such cute bags!!! Happy Fall weekend,

  82. Gorgeous bag!! I’ve done parts 1 and 2 =D

  83. I love gussy bags, so cute!!

  84. Angela Graff says:

    These bags are beautiful! The fabrics are amazing:) Keeping my fingers crossed….

  85. Shannon F. says:

    I’ve got your RSS feed com’n!

  86. Mama Fisch says:

    I liked you on FB and subscribed to your RSS feed.

  87. Just did both! your blog is super cute!!

  88. I did #1 & #2! This bag would be PERFECT for my upcoming 30th b-day celebration cruise. AND I’m looking forward to catching up on all of your blog posts that I’ve missed. (Just found you from Gussy’s blog.)

  89. So glad I found your site and I loooove the bags! Maggie is crazy talented!

  90. I would LOVE to win a GUSSY bag!! I did 1 & 2!!!

    p.s. I feel weird telling everyone I did #1 and #2 on the internet (lol) 😀

  91. Love the bags! I did both #1 and #2!

  92. i have gone to school with maggie since middle school and she has always been talented! i love all of her stuff! I did #1 and #2….crossing my fingers to be the lucky one drawn!

  93. I love, love, love this new bag by Gussy! It is perfect for spontaneous, friend, road trips to hold all my blogging gear. I’ve done one and two, hope I’m the lucky number!

    Thank You,

  94. LOVE this bag!! New RSS subscriber and FB fan. Too adorable!

  95. What a FABULOUS bag!! I completed #1 and #2. Thanks for the chance. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  96. you know I LOVE that bag with the orange {swoon} … I’m an RSSer, FBer & the official LoveFeast apprentice (though I don’t expect preferential treatment) 🙂

  97. i did #1 and 2. Oh man, i would love this bag. I lug my laptop back and forth from work each day on the T and my neck needs some help. and also, i mean, it’s just so cute!

  98. Such perfect fabric combinations you two put together! I’ve joined in on the giveaway: Momma needs a fall tote!

  99. I did 1 & 2…love Gussy!

  100. I did both! I absolutely love her stuff! I’ve been trying to win something forever!

  101. I did both of those things and I would LOVE to win! Thanks so much!

  102. I completed both one and two…and I am SOOO jealous of your trip!

    Love me some gussy!

  103. Love Love the bags!!!! I did 1&2. 🙂

  104. #1 – Check
    #2 – Check

    Love Gussy’s Shop! I’m new to your blog and can’t wait to start reading.

  105. I LOVE bags and have been recently eyeing the Gussy bags! I just did 1&2 in hopes that I might win!!!

    This is my first time hearing about LoveFeast table (through Gussy’s blog), so I look forward to learning more about you.

  106. I subscribed, count me in for the contest. I love the items Gussy creates!

  107. I love gussy! Thanks for the giveaway! I subscribe and friend”ed”. I’d use the bag more than just for vacation. Have fun on your trip.

  108. 1 & 2 Done! Hope I win…love the tote!

  109. I am so stoked that I found you!! Love the giveaway and past posts. Looking forward to following you.

  110. I really hope I win the lovely bag! I love Gussy Sews!! I did #1 and #2!

  111. i have done both 1 & 2! i travel soo much for work (about every other week) that a bag like this would be PERFECT!! thanks for a chance to win it!!

  112. Gussy is the best. I love her and I love this new bag! I have also enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you have a fabulous vacation.

  113. Done. And Done. I did both long ago… do I still get to play?

    It looks like you’re having fun on vacay!

  114. Subscribed to your RSS!

  115. I subscribed and liked you on FB. I love this bag! Especially the fabric on the inside. I would love to win….. please !!!

  116. Oh man that would be a stylish diaper bag for this momma of two!

    and i did steps one and two 🙂

  117. I love the gorgeous bags!!! I signed up for the RSS feed and liked you on FB! Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  118. Elizabeth says:

    check and check…so loving these bags!

  119. I did 1 (in google reader) and 2 (as Lubka Kotmanikova), so now I will wait the results.:-) gussy s bags are romantic and lovely!

  120. I subscribed and “fan”ed you! Love me some Gussy!

  121. Subscribed to your feed. Your bags are absolutely gorgeous!

  122. I did both 1 & 2. Can’t wait to read about your trip.
    I love the color of the giveaway bag. My anniversary is on Halloween and this would be a FABULOUS gift for me:)

  123. What a cute bag! I already follow you and I’m a facebook fan!

  124. What a cute bag! I already follow you and I’m a facebook fan!

  125. I just did # 1 and 2!
    Cute bags!!

  126. I follow you via google reader (as theladyinblack3)and “like” you on facebook.

  127. I signed up for the RSS feed. ooooh I’d love the Gussy vacation bag!!

  128. I am now a fan of LoveFeast on Facebook 🙂 and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Gussy vacation bag. I’m drooling over it as we speak….

  129. Subscribed to RSS feed and liked on facebook! Her stuff is so gorgeous!

  130. Did both! Absolutley love the fabrics for all three of them! Thank you for this chance lovely ladies!

  131. I totally subscribed and “liked” you even though, I already thought you guys were the cutest!

  132. I’m subscribed and a fan!!

    Love the bags!

  133. Love the bags!!! (And I completed #1 & #2) 🙂

  134. Thanks for entering our Vacay Bag Giveaway! The giveaway is now closed!! Check back on Monday to see who our winner is!!
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  135. Ok I did it! DUN Dun DUN !

  136. Did everything you asked. I’m already a beloved follower. Also posted on my facebook page 🙂 All over this…I LOVE Gussy’s work. Super cute tote, pick me, pick me!

  137. Excellent job on this article! I actually like how you presented your facts and how you made it fascinating and easy to comprehend. Thank you.


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