Hannah Montana’s Hoe Down in Baltimore

Ok, so it wasn’t actually a Hannah Montana Hoe Down, but while I was sitting at the movies with my 7 year old daughter, I couldn’t help but think back to the Easter Hoe Down, Throw Down we had!  It was a total Love Feast Hoe Down!!

We changed up our traditions, to the sorrow of some of our kids…and the grandmom!  For years we have gone to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Easter dinner.  They are without a doubt, my host and hostess heroes!  They know how to throw a party and make everyone feel welcomed and at home!  Why wouldn’t we want to go there?  Well, you see, over the years our family has grown.  My sister and I have been churning out the kids…I have five, she has three.  But, my cuzins, are not married yet.  So, yearly, we are increasing the traffic flow to their house.  Really, we have enough mouths to feed…we need to start our own love-feast-holiday-traditions….and this is the year to do it!

So, this Easter, we invited a few of our friends who had no place to go and asked them to pitch in a dish.  It turned into a full on Love Feast Hoe Down!!  We had close to 40 people and enough food to feed the neighborhood!  Everyone pitched in, brought their favorites, stuffed a few plastic eggs and enjoyed hours of fun!  I thought it would be fun to share what everyone brought!

My husband and I (or should I say my husband)…a grilled lamb leg, a curried roasted lamb leg and ginger and caramelized onion roasted sweet potatoes with pecans, served on the “Lamb Plate*”

Denene and her family of 6, plus a brother and son…brought pineapple stuffing, butter and pineapple, can’t go wrong there!

Amanda along with her hubby and three kids…brought a ham and macaroni and cheese, which was attacked and demolished before dinner officially began!

Melissa and Derek and their two (outta 4) kids…brought more mac and cheese (you can never have enough!)

Jackie and Nate with their three girls…whipped up a strawberry angel food cake trifle (can I just tell you, these two made their own three tiered wedding cake!)

Meisha, my neighbor and her three…brought killer collard greens, I have no idea how she turns something so boring into something so delish!

Meg brought her two boys…and an awesome nut bundt cake…umm, don’t tell anyone, but I hid a chunk in my kitchen for later!

Andrew and his four kids…threw in some homemade (by the 7 year old, I think) chocolate chip cookies, that were to die for!

Eric…brought a couple of bottles of soda which made the kids happy!

Irene and Albert…tossed together a salad with sundried tomatoes, roasted pinenuts and cucumbers along with a couple of bottles of wine…which made the parents happy!

Bart…brought his appetite! 🙂

It was a beautiful day! The only thing we were missing was a little Hoe Dancin’ Hannah Montana kickin’ music (or not!)

Lamb Plate

*Lamb Plate=a plate that one buys at the antique store that is a bit out of one’s price range, that one justifies buying by introducing it to chef husband as lamb plate for tomorrow’s special dinner.