Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for so many things this year, but today we’d like to say a special thank you to all of those volunteers who took time yesterday from their own food prep, to prepare, serve and share a meal with the women at Safe House of Hope.  Their generosity and their caring hearts made the afternoon a special one.

It was a LoveBomb in every sense of the word.  Volunteers and staff mingled and ate with the clients at Safe House of Hope.  Each person listening and sharing his/her story and what they were grateful for.  Even the children spent time serving the adults.  We are so thankful to have spent the afternoon with so many kind people.


One woman shared that she hadn’t had a Thanksgiving meal in 17 years.  Stories like hers, are such a gift to us, for it helps to put in perspective the blessings all around us.  These women are true survivors and their stories and tenacity are in inspiration.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

From our table to yours!

~Chris Ann & Kristin