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When Havaianas contacted us to do this giveaway we thought it was a perfect fit for LoveFeast Table.  Havaianas is a brand we love!  We are introducing a new category here at LoveFeast Table ~ STYLE.   We’ve been writing on STYLE & fashion but didn’t have a proper category for it.  So, thanks to our web guru and a little late night work ~ voila!  As if it all wasn’t aligning just perfectly already ~ this photo of Kristin and I from this summer emerged ~ AND Kristin is wearing her Havaianas flip flops!! 


Share you how you plan on spending your “Last Days Of Summer” to win a pair of Havaianas Sandals in your choice of size and color up to a $55.00 value.

My summer was everything I wanted it to be.  We celebrated with both our families Kristin’s oldest son’s graduation with a Vintage Americana BBQ.

Kristin and I both sported our red shoes!

During our LoveFeast Family Beach Week Kristin and I took our kids to a beach with wild ponies.

When my family returned from Maryland we repacked our suitcases and headed to Colorado.  I did the usual.

I got dirty doing it.

And to top it all off.  This summer I crossed something off my bucket list.  Paddleboarding.

It’s the very end of summer!  I plan on squeezing out the last bit of summer fun at farmers markets, parks, and the Minnesota State Fair.  How about you?

What are you going to do on the Last Days of Summer?


Share your ideas to enter our “Last Days Of Summer” Giveaway to win one pair of Havaianas Sandals in your choice of size and color of your choice up to $55.00 value.

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  1. One final warm summer trip to the cabin on the lake for this family of five. (Even though two of our three girls started school this last week).

  2. This last big weekend of summer is finally here and it is a sad & sweet time at our house. Sad because the regular schedule is kicking into place but sweet because it is also my husband and son’s birthday celebration. My amazing husband, Spencer will be 56. Also, my son, Jesse will be 32. Both this weekend. So to celebrate our birthday weekend we have reservations at a Hotel in DFW with a resort pool. The kids will all come over for swimming, eating, and watching a movie late night by the pool. Then they will go home and we will spend the night resting up from our summer. Summer we will miss you but we are looking forward to fall and lots of adventures!

  3. Michelle B says:

    Last days of summer doesn’t really apply in FL! We will go to the beach, but we are fortunate enough to also be able to do it all year long as well!

  4. I’m either hosting company or traveling myself. It’ll be good to be with the ones I love.

  5. Tricia M. says:

    Spending time with out-of-town family!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I am planning a big fall trip. We don’t have time to do much to end the summer with our schedules right now, but planning for the fall is a good way to transition!

  7. For the last day of summer, I’m going to hang out at the pool with my kids. I work full time during the school year so summer is our time to focus on family fun. They are four and two so it will just be time to splash around and soak in their littleness.

  8. My last days of summer consisted of packing for Towson with KAYA!!!!

  9. Well, summer seems to always end when kids go back to school and even though we don’t have school age children, GA schools are in full swing. I will take this as an enticement to snag a few summer days. So, I think I will have some friends over for a barbecue (if not to humid) and hang out outside and play some games of hour shoes or something. Will open the wine as I’m cooking, of course.

  10. Well, I just had a baby, so my last few days are going to be spent spending time with him and my husband 🙂

  11. My last days of summer are spent with my immediate and extended family. This year we took my youngest child to college, so big changes!!

  12. I think we’ll end summer with as much beach time as we can fit in.

  13. A bbq with friends.

  14. Go swimming one last day and grill with the family!

  15. Have one more neighborhood garage sale, bringing out all the holiday decorations for sale; Taking long walks with my new dachshund and 2 basset hounds; Going to the beach for the 1st time this season and at least getting my feet wet!; Attending a French market; working on laying some flagstone in my yard!

  16. family get together next weekend thanks

  17. Kimberly B. says:

    I plan on going to the beach.

  18. Donna Scott says:

    My last fling for the summer was a 8 days spent on the coast of MA in a beautiful old home with my whole family around me. Beach fires, fireworks and walking the beach every day was a perfect ending to summer!

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