Sharing A Table & A Cupcake


Somewhere along my carpool route, three days before Mother’s Day, the idea occurred to me.  It began as only an idea of a cupcake drop-off.  Something similar to my cookie drop in a mailbox of a friend.  Around here at LoveFeast Table we like to call it a LoveBomb.  A LoveBomb is a gift of a meal or morsel shared unexpectedly.  The concept is simple.  Who doesn’t like a little treat or even a whole meal passed their way?  It’s some unexpected goodness that lifts the spirit and brightens the day.  On a basic level food is a common denominator.   Food brings people together, side by side in ways that are so basic and so human.

My idea was to drop off some kind of treat, hopefully beautiful and festive cupcakes, to a women’s shelter that I was familiar with.  The ladies of Healing House had been on my mind since last fall when I had attended a benefit for Healing House, chaired by my friend Teena of Intentional Serenity.   These women were working hard to change their lives in a program that was intensive and challenging but with high results for those who finished it.  I knew they were the ladies who I would want to LoveBomb with my cupcake idea!

I made a phone call to Mary, who works with Healing House, to see if I was able to bring in some treats to the shelter and how many women and children there might be.  You see Healing House is the only shelter in Minneapolis that allows children to stay with their mothers.


She called me back immediately- not only could I come but, would I stay and share a meal.


And, she asked would I want to share a little of my story with the ladies.


Too be honest, I’m not sure what exactly I said.  I’m not a public speaker.  I’m a mom…from the ‘burbs.  I think I said something about, we all have mountains to climb in life.  And, that we all have a story.  And, that your story is important.  I said that your mere presence can make a difference to the person beside you.  Maybe I was out of place…a mom, from the ‘burbs, bringing cupcakes.  But, what I experienced I fully enjoyed.  I shared a lunch with some ladies…many who have children and like me are mothers.  We shared lunch.  We shared motherhood.  We shared cupcakes. Hopefully, that all fell away and we were women…sharing a moment, remembering we care about each other, even if we’re strangers and out of place.

Thankfully, along the way my friend Mela joined my adventure.

Mela was my roomie at Blissdom and one of my shopping pals at Mudd Lake.  She’s funny.  She’s deep.  She’s a gifted public speaker and talented singer.  She’s a mama of 3 and she’s walkin’ out her dream.   She also wrote the song for this touching video for Healing House.


We decorated the table centers with cupcakes and gift bags.


We brought cookies to share with the kids!


We met women who shared their stories and who can feel their hope rising.


We toured a newly remodeled beauty salon and

DSC_0262 connected a newly opened Ulta Salon with a place where they might donate discontinued merchandise.


We discovered an amazing Cupcake Boutique!


And, along the way, we made at least one baby smile!


What was just going to be a cupcake drop-off turned it to so much more.  It’s not that I thought that delivering a cupcake was going to make me feel like I’d made a huge difference in someone’s life…or that by receiving a cupcake one’s troubles would roll away forever.  It is more simple.  More simple than that.  It was just to say I thought of you, if only for an instant.  It was a LoveBomb.  The gift to me was the unexpected connections and conversations I had with women I normally wouldn’t have crossed paths with except for one phone call that got the ball rolling and turned it into so much more.  And that was the sweet icing on the cupcake!


Where could you turn up and do the unexpected?

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  1. I LOVED that day so much and am so grateful you had the idea and then put it into action! Can’t wait for our next adventure – LoveBombs away!

  2. Love the “LoveBomb” idea! This is the first I have heard of the Healing House, and I will definitely check it out more. I have sent Sweet Harper goodies to The Lewis House in Eagan before, and I know they work so hard on the behalf of women and children too. Also, had the pleasure of meeting Mela at a coffee get together a few weeks ago, so it was fun to see her connected here too!

    Like I always say, it’s the little things. You have the power to make someone’s day with even the smallest gesture.

  3. This is so wonderful! You are very special! When I was in college I worked with kids in a shelter for battered women and I know that it doesn’t matter your being “just a mom from the burbs” what counts – and what they feel – is the love and the time and attention each of us gives to them. Beautiful. And I’ll bet all those kids so appreciated the cupcakes!

  4. This idea is awesome.

  5. I love that you did this and would love to be a part of your next LoveBomb. You are a creative, caring, and intelligent woman. LoveBombs away!!! 🙂

  6. You women are so beautiful! What an awesome way to use your “gifts” to better someone elses lives. I have thoughts of doing nice things like this…but will admit most of the time they end with just that…a thought. You are really inspiring me to get up off my duff and help change lives. Thanks girls for another inspirational Lovebomb experience!

  7. Honest to goodness, I teared up reading this. What a beautiful thing you did. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares, even a small gesture can mean so much. Good for you!

    Also, I now want a cupcake.

  8. That’s great! My heart just wants to burst and give give give, when I see women in situations like that, but then I don’t know how or what I can give. You did good. Cupcakes and a story and some swag. Who ever turned that away? Like you said, you never know how you touched someone’s life by doing that simple thing. It might have been more than cupcakes to them too.


  9. What a beautiful, selfless act of kindness you showed those women and their children. Truly what you saw as a small act may have an amazing ripple effect in their lives and in ours as your readers.

  10. This post is sooo inspiring. In fact, I have a note down to contact Interact (our regional women’s battered shelter) this morning!

    LOVE the pics, and all the kids’ smiles. Makes us realize how darn lucky we truly are.

  11. You dropped a bomb on me! I love the idea of a lovebomb and your post inspires me to start dropping some in my corner of the world.

  12. I share time with the women in my local homeless shelter and I hear the same thing from them all the time. What makes a difference to them is you did it out of love, love for them and caring about who they are and what they’re going through. They don’t care that you’re “just a mom” or “from the ‘burbs.” They care that you aren’t just there to check ’em off your list – a do-gooder. I had an idea – I’d been heading into the shelter to do devotions 3 times a month for just over a year & in the middle of a conversation with the women, I asked them if they ever did baby showers. The women themselves tried to throw them, when they could but they “didn’t amount to much” because those women don’t have enough money to feed themselves. So… baby shower in a box was born. Now, my baby showers aren’t cookie cutter. I cater them to every mother but…I cart it all to the shelter in 2 totes. I buy a cake & bring punch to each one, I decorate the room, we play games, the mom-to-be opens gifts and they last an hour. I take pictures which I print & take back within a few days. There aren’t many expectant moms in shelters – their housing comes up pretty fast – but I’ve done a few. They’re the best parties I’ve ever thrown. I LOVE my ladies. I love that you had this experience and I’ll pray you do it more…and more… and more… 🙂

  13. You ladies at LoveFeast are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this story and reminding me that it is so easy to make a difference. You did with your phone call and visit, and then again with this post.

    You are NOT just a mom from the ‘burbs!


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