Holiday Cocktails & A Sparkly Mini Cooper Giveaway

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we are constantly looking for ways to add effortless sparkle to the table. Throughout the season, we want to have the freedom to invite a few neighbors or friends over on a whim and be ready to quickly throw out a few delicious nibbles and fun cocktails. We stock our refrigerators with special cheeses, our pantry with a variety of crackers and our bars with a couple of bottles of bubbly. Freixenet (“fresh-eh-net”) is a great, affordable holiday bubbly to keep around. Not only does the black bottle add a pop of elegance to any table, but once it’s opened and poured, your guests will immediately feel like you rolled out the red carpet for them.

Here are a few tips for adding a little extra bling to the festivity.

Enjoy the Cordon Negro Brut by itself with a delicious, apricot stilton cheese. It has slight hints of pear, apple and bright citrus flavors. Its clean, crisp finish balances nicely with the sharp stilton. If you want to prepare a little bit more for your guests, spicy lettuce wraps would be excellent as well.


If you want to turn this sparkling brut into a warm Holiday Toddy, boil a nub of fresh, crushed ginger with a stick of cinnamon for 10-20 minutes. Add 2 oz of Cordon Negro Brut, 2 oz of 100% cranberry juice, and 2 oz of the warm ginger mixture. Finish with a thin slice of apple and a cinnamon stick for a garnish.

The Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvee is just slightly sweet and honestly, with slight summer peach hints and is perfect with a slice of cheesecake. But, if you don’t happen to have a cheesecake laying around, is would be great with a bowl of fresh popped popcorn that is lightly salted and finished with cracked pepper.


If you happen to have an apple and an orange laying around, chop a few pieces up, add it to a glass, fill the glass half full with fresh cherry juice and top it off with Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvee for a last minute, Holiday Sangria.

If you take a little bit of time this week, to stock your pantry and your fridge with a few key items, the versatility is endless and it can help your holiday be fun and effortless.


Just for fun, Freixenet is traveling the country with a set of Mini Coopers. If you find a hidden bubble, enter the code HERE and you will be entered to win a sparkling Mini Cooper. Now that would be a great gift this holiday, wouldn’t it?

Who says the holidays are the only time for bubbles?  Make it your resolution to sparkle 365 days of the year with Freixenet cavas. Our sparkling wines come in a variety of different styles to suit any moment or mood. Cordon Negro Brut, our classic Black Bottle Bubbly, is great as an aperitif before a night out on the town or at home with takeout pizza. Our brand new Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvee is the perfect match for brunch favorites like pancakes and eggs benedict. Visit for more information about where to buy Freixenet sparkling wines and learn how you could win a 2-year lease on a new 2013 MINI Cooper.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Freixenet. The opinions and text are all mine.