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Last fall I realized that I was spending a lot of time in a space that didn’t inspire me.  I decided to purchased a new desk for my home office.  It replaced a sturdy Ikea table desk that had seen it’s better days.  Over the year I have been adding decoration and organization to it.  It is still a work in progress, but here is some of what I’ve done and my tips for Home Office Decor that will inspire you!

Making a space for yourself that is beautiful & inspiring is good for the creative soul.

1.  Wooden Desk  – For my new desk I wanted to make sure it had less of an office feel and more of a home feel.  It has nooks for folders and books and drawers for storage.  My goal is to have less on my desk and therefore more work space to lay out projects on.

2.  Wall Space – It is important to add decor to your office space.  This will create focus that doesn’t draw your eye to the less pretty things such as big blank computer screens, printer, file cabinets or phones.  Machines are necessary, but not exactly cute.  I’ve been adding to my walls piece by piece as I go.

You heard antlers were big.  But, here’s the latest.  Branchlers are the new antlers.  I love the whimsy and the little bit of blue paint color.  They definitely draw the eye.  (They also remind me that I will never kill a deer, although I did shoot and AK47 last year.)

I have found some great things over the summer, thrifting.  I’m working a bit on a “Antropologie” kinds of  look.  I “garlanded-up” a vintage wire lampshade.  And found a great floral picture of Chrysanthemums.  Since, my name is Chris Ann, it was like yes, I have to have that.

I also found some old chipped up gold frames.  A little nod to some of our LoveFeast history and our obsession with old frames made into chalkboards.

3. Big bulletin Board –  I’m a big bulletin board person.  My bulletin boards have bits of inspiration and bits of necessary information.  I like some little bits that make me happy through out the day.  What makes me smile?  A card from Kristin about our journey, a picture of my two teens all dressed up for a Homecoming Dance, a picture of me and my husband in Italy,  a pretty vintage fork, a list of product numbers for our new shop. (mission accomplished – more on that later!). 

Check out our ~ How To Make A Vintage Frame Cork Board

And the paper garland a lovely touch that my friend Elyse got me at the Renegade Art Fair in Brooklyn.

4.  Inspiration Boards – This is slightly different from a Bulletin Board.  We are big believers in Inspiration Boards as tools for creativity, goal setting, inspiration and focus.  This is one that I made last year for last year’s redesign.

Visit our virtual Inspiration Boards on Pinterest!

5.  Good Chair – I have a cozy supportive office chair.  I made sure it was in a soft suede type fabric so that looks again, less office-y.  I also have another chair for guests.  It has been a great place for my kids to stop and have a conversation with me.  And, more than once I have pulled it out for an extra work chair for when Kristin is in town.  If it isn’t practical to wear tulle all day.  Then, at least have a chair wrapped in tulle.

6.  Good Task LampA lamp on your desk is a must.  Not only will it illuminate your tasks but also it creates a nice glow in the evening.  A pretty lamp will make your office feel more like a home.  I chose one with a burlap shade.

I decided to share the way my home office looks many days.  Just because there are some paper piles doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the little bits of texture, color and fancy I’ve added to my space.

Whatever space is yours to work in, take some time to make it beautiful to you.  It is so important to honor yourself and your space with a place you enjoy being.  Whether you go for a walk and gather some branches and buds in a vase for your table or a make a handmade vintage fabric garland to hang in your space.  Make the place where you work make you want to give a little whistle!

Looking for ideas?  Visit our ~ LoveFeast Shop ~ for beautiful finds to fill your space!

What do you do to ad charm, beauty and inspiration to your work space?



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