Home Is A Scent Of Happiness


There are many things that inspire me…colors, textures, sounds, art, and yes, even scents.  I try and bring the outdoors in as much as possible.  But, it’s too early for the scents from my garden of roses, Walker’s Low cat-mint, lilacs, herbs, and irises here in Minnesota.


You see the grass is just beginning to turn green.


But, I can smell the earth and the damp mud of spring coming through my newly opened windows.


While I wait for the garden a beautiful orchid in my dining room teases me with the scent of summer.


And, daily I spray myself over with this garden of my favorite French perfume!


But, alas one can’t just spray and play and linger in the garden all day.  Not if they have the laundry of a family of six!  Everyday around here is laundry day!  Who can resist the scent of fresh towels?


Scents in your home most definitely bring a mood of possibility, inspiration and beauty. However, the most delicious scent in my home to me is the smell just under the chin of one of my family.  That’s what makes me happy.


The inspiration for this post came from Sandy over at the The Reluctant Entertainer!

Home is...