The idea of adding the unexpected bit of nature, an interesting print, a beautiful texture or a bit of whimsy is what adds personality, warmth and beauty to your home.

Add Unexpected Elements In Decorating

The element of surprise in decorating is what make something practical, functional or utilitarian come to life!

Find some places in your home to add the unexpected.  If you have a certain style, traditional, modern, or cabin luxe, try to add a bit of the opposite of whatever you’ve got going.  If your home is formal in style, add something relaxed, like a bit of nature.  Go for a walk and find a pile of leaves to add to a bowl, a branch, a rock, or maybe even a nest.

Layers move the eye around and make the soul dance.


Like they say rules are made to be broken.  Even this morning as my 9 year old daughter was wanting the perfectly even bow as she went out the door, I said to her, “There is beauty in imperfection.”  Likewise, there is beauty in the juxtaposition of opposites.  Take it a bit further, let’s say, they “attract one another”.


If your style is more relaxed add something more formal for a bit of juxtaposition.

Opposites attract and bring humor and personality to a room.


“Matchy-matchy is not for me. I don’t want things to be too perfect. It’s like pairing a matte top with a shiny skirt, so they play off each other. I want there to be relationships with texture and color, and sometimes it’s more about the contrast that chimes.“—Fashion designer Peter Som

Garlandpic We are inspired by patterns, texture and color when we are discovering things to add to our boutique.  The idea of adding the unexpected bit of nature, an interesting print, a beautiful texture or a bit of whimsy is what adds personality, warmth and beauty to your home.



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