How to make a large birch tree and burlap hamper in 7 easy steps.

How To Make A Large Birch Tree & Burlap Planter

We’re getting snow later on today, and I’ll confess, I haven’t finished my front porch.  With not a lot of time to spare, I’m going to be making this holiday planter with birch and greens in 7 easy steps.  Chances are you have the same items around your home that I’m going to use – a laundry hamper or bucket, some hand weights or a heavy item (to weigh down the hamper with), some burlap and greens and birch logs or trees from a local nursery or garden market.

7 Steps To A Beautiful Birch Tree & Burlap Planter




 Tip ~  Add extra and unexpected elements and textures to make your planter more interesting and beautiful.



velvetredsplanter7 Voila!  Go out and seize your front porches and entry ways.  I know that it just what I’m going to do today, before it snows!