How to Make a Vintage Frame Cork Board

My husband brought this beauty of a vintage frame home from a renovation job he was doing and I decided to turn it into a cork board for my office.

Here is what you will need to make your own Vintage Cork Board:

Vintage Frame…I prefer one that is ornate and has character

1/2 inch Cork (measure the inside of the frame and order to size)…I ordered this over the internet. For my large frame, it cost about $50.

Sheet of Plywood

4-6 Flat Brackets

8-12 1/2 inch Wood Screws

Spray paint

Liquid Nails

Exacto Knife

Picture Hanging Wire Kit…make sure it can handle the weight of your frame

1. Spray frame the color you desire. Let dry completely.

2. Cut plywood to the size of the back opening of the frame.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

3. Use a t-square ruler to measure and cut the cork with a sharp exacto knife.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board       Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

4. Attach cut plywood to the back of the frame using the flat brackets to secure. Attach one half of bracket to frame and the other half to plywood. Screw into place.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board       Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

5. Fully cover the plywood with liquid nails.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board       Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

6. Press cork board on top, pressing gently, yet firmly to stick. This will dry relatively quickly.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

7. Attach picture hanging eye hooks approximately 1/3 down from the top of the frame, on the back to the plywood.

8. Measure from eye hook to eye hook. Take that number and multiply by two. Cut the wire to fit. String wire through one eye hook, then through the other and twist the ends around themselves until secure. Cut off excess.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

Hang your Vintage Cork Board and prepare to organize!

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board


This How To Make a Vintage Frame Cork Board Project was linked to the Fall Project Party over at  Censational Girl & Tutes & Tips at Home Stories A2Z & I Gotta Create!.  We think the colors of the cork and bright red inspire the feeling of fall.   The cork board could greet your guests at your front door or for a party.  You could pin on a menu or your fall to-do list.  We hope you are inspired!  It’s F’all Y’all!

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  1. So cute! I adore that red color as well. So cheerful!

  2. Hey Devon !
    Good job…
    question: I always fret over hanging such heavy things…what kind of anchors do you put in the wall to hold such a heavy piece?

  3. Ashley Ann says:

    It’s gorgeous!!

  4. Ohhh! I think the red is VERY autumn!! Thanks for thinking about linking it to autumn themed party- I love it! (BTW, I might have missed it, but what is the paint color’s name BTW- it’s LOVELY!)

    Visiting from Centsational Girl’s Linky Party today {It’s Fall Y’All}
    Smiles and thanks for sharing,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois


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