How To Make An Aebleskiver


What are they?  They’re Aebleskivers.  And, they want to be served at your next gathering!


This is my Aebleskiver.  It’s not as perfect as the winning Aebleskiver.  But let me tell you it was a tummy full of “pop-cake” love!!  You see a Aebleskiver is a cross between a popover and and a pancake!  Traditionally, this Danish treat is filled with an apple slice.  We made both savory and sweet versions at the Minnesota Blog Pantry Blogging Event I attended at Local D’Lish.

The Mac Daddy of Aebleskivers, Chad Gillard aka Aebleskiver Daddy, taught a group of us bloggers how to make the Aebleskiver.  He’s a happy guy…probably because he’s eaten lots of Aebleskivers.


Here is the winning Aebleskiver, made by Crystal, of Cafe Cyan.  It wins in beauty as well as taste I’m sure…although I didn’t get to try hers.  You see with Aebleskivers, as far as I can tell, there is little to no sharing…


This is why the 9-Holed Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan was invented.


Here’s what Chad taught us.  You start with filling oil in this pan.


And, you fill them with the Aebleskiver dough.  You can buy the pan, the mix, the squirt bottles, and the stainless chopstick tool all online at Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver.  How smart is that?  Mix, tools, and containers on one site, “All Things Aebleskiver”!


Aebleskiver dough is poured into the pan with the oil, and then the toppings are added.


Local D’Lish put out a beautiful spread of fresh ingredients for us to choose from some savory and some sweet.  That is what is great about Aebleskivers…they could be a snack, a breakfast, hors d’oeuvres or dessert!


This is what I put in my savory Aebleskiver:  apple, bacon, scallions and chives, and rosemary.



When the Aebleskivers start to bubble and cook you continue to turn them carefully with the Stainless Steel Chopstick.


You would think that it would defy gravity and collapse but as the dough heats it expands and with a little faith you just keep flipping.  Until you get this:  a perfectly round Aebleskiver.


That’s what Chad says anyway and he’s the Aebleskiver Daddy.  He should know.


We don’t want you to miss this experience for yourself!!  So sign up to win an Aebleskiver Starter Kit by commenting here on our blog!!  There is one day left!!  Feel the Aelbeskiver love!!

We think it would make a great Father’s Day gift too!


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