How To Make Branchlers

A while ago I happened to see a picture of these coasting on the web ~ Branchlers by Luke Bartels found on Remodelista.

I’ve had it on my mind ever since – and seriously, this has nothing to do with the fact that I shot an AK37 or something like that this summer thanks to my brother-n-law who likes to keep this suburban mama country capable.

But now back to my Branchler – project ’cause this is how we roll in the citeee!  Note:  There are no guns needed for this project unless you choose to use a paint gun.

How To Make Branchlers


Branches, spray paint, small nails, hooks, wood plaque, trim, hammer, small saw.

l. First, go to the strip mall craft store of your choice and you get yourself some spray paint.

2.  Spray a wooden plaque from same craft store and spray paint the plaque.  I sprayed mine over a series of a few days so that it would have a nice dark finish.

3.  Cut or saw the branches at an angle.

This is where it gets embarrassing.  I was going to use a saw, but that would have required me to go back inside to the basement to get a saw.  And ~ I would have missed the 2nd verse to Fergalicious that was jammin’ on my daughter’s iphone.  Thus, I resorted to cutting the branches on an angle with a garden tool.

4.  Hammer the branch that has been cut at an angle into the plaque with a small nail.

5.  If you want to get it a bit more finished you could wrap the bottom of the branch with trim or leather to cover the nail.

It also should be noted that no city deer were injured in the creating of this craft.

Ta-da!!  Branchlers.  Go make some – they’re Cool-a-licious!


To share our Branchler joy we shared our inspiration at ~ I Gotta Create!