Fancy Friday~Spring Sprucing Ideas

Paint is a perfect way to “Spring Spruce” your house!  It’s just paint.  Don’t be afraid to paint a new color in a room of your house and to give it a new look.  Take a gamble.  Go out on a limb and try a color you’ve been thinking about.  Remember, it’s just paint and you can always paint over it.  Start with a stack of paint chips.  We love Benjamin Moore paint.  It can be found at your local paint store.  If you are a Home Depot stalker, Behr is a really good brand too with a better price point.

For many of us, it’s such a challenge to pick a new paint color for our walls.  It’s hard to visualize a little chip of paint color, covering our entire room. Will it be too bright?  Too yellow?  Will it be calming or overpowering?  Will my husband like it too?

Chris Ann and I have a little fetish with paint chips.  This is a small peek at my stash…

April 11 186

and I know, for a fact, Chris Ann’s stash is bigger than mine!

But, see at any “redecorating” moment, we have total inspiration!  You see, not every green will work in every room…in every house!  Lighting is different.  Furniture is different.  The environment and feel you’re trying to create might be different.

Here’s a trick we learned.

If you want, say purple in a room…put up no less than 10 purple chips of varying hues on a wall in the room you plan to paint.  Watch them…live with them…for a couple of days.  Usually within, five minutes, I have already eliminated a few chips.  They just don’t work.  They may be too cool a color.  Then as I see the sunlight in that room, or darkness settle, I have a better sense of what that color will look like when it is expanded!  Take chips off the wall as they fall out of favor with you!  Then you’ll be left with the one that belongs.