Fancy Friday Pinterest Board

We are going to start by me asking Kristin, what should we be asking?
Chris Ann is pouring herself a glass of wine, I’m sitting on the phone and listening to her struggle to open the bottle.  I remember when I taught her in Italy how to open a bottle..which was great, thanks for ruining my record of having other people do the dirty work for me.  let’s see if she can do it. ….ah done.  and it’s the good bottle left in the housegreat…I poured my glass from the box...waiting….it sounds open, waiting for first sip.

I think we may have found a new genre, live-co-blogging in google docs
Ok, here is my question Kristin…what should my question be?

Ummm, how do you log onto Pinterest?
Wait, I know that answer…you call your bff and say, “Hey did you log into Pinterest for us?”
Except so far, you’ve said, “So, what do our boards look like anyway?”
True but one day, by fluke I got in…how did that happen?
If I tell you the secret I might have to kill you. Ok, it’s all about the little pin at the top of your computer screen.

How do I get the little pin there?  That was like my biggest question.
Hold on, let me google it.

We are going to be an abundance of help to the world, that‘s why we’re here…just to help…
Wait, Sorta Crunchy covered this in her post.
I think she said it better than us…or I mean you….what did she say again?
“As explained by the good folks at Pinterest, use the Pin This bookmarklet. NOTE: I’ve gotten lots of feedback from IE users that it’s difficult to use the Pin This bookmark in Explorer. As a long-time Firefox user, I don’t have any good solutions for you.  Just know if you have problems in IE, you aren’t the only one!”   I had this problem too. On my old computer, when I downloaded this, a cute little thumb tack pin showed up at the top of my nav bar.  On this computer, it’s a picture of a globe…not as inspiring.”
So then what?  You got a pin and you go to town?  How?
Well, you can get lost looking at other boards. Boards, are you inspiration boards, like our Love, Feast, Table, Life and Autumn Inspiration.  If you see a picture you like, hover over the picture and click repin and add the picture to whatever inspiration board (of your own) you want.  Or, if you’re cruisin the internet and find a delicious recipe, or a pair of boots you want to remember, click your pin. It’s that easy. You can do it Chris Ann.

True, I should start…I might be co-dependent with you and Pinterest.  Why should I start, when I have you?
I’m gonna walk you through it right now. *pause* No, seriously, stop laughing…click on the Pinterest link that Sorta Crunchy gave. yayaya…..ok, whatevs…if I have too….lalalala…..bossy!  Ok tell me what to do…..lalala..sipsip!  ok hang on peeps she’s makin me go to Pintarest….(I’m sticking my tongue out at you.) It’s Pint Er est. Whatevs…..ok I’m goin….to pintERest…
Follow link, click on Goodies…drag pin to your bookmarks bar.  It’s that easy.  Now click on red Pinterest words and browse.  ok you just look, browse, click and repin, and repeat…cause you get addicted?  Awesome.  So, ok…the moral of our tale is what?  Pinterest is awesome?
I think it’s this, “Don’t let friends pin alone.” I think it’s friends pin for friends…


*Thanks to Sorta Crunchy for supplying the only content worthy of posting today.
I’m so glad we had this talk.

(Brought to you by Chris Ann & Kristin at the LoveFeast Table…underbelly.)

To get really accurate and helpful guidance visit Megan ~ Sorta Crunchy who wrote a great tutorial you can read  here to get you started.   And, then her follow up with more tips and tricks here.  To follow our Pinterest obsession, click here.

We want to hear from you. Do you pin alone or with a friend?