I Heart Faces Photo Walk ~ Minnesota


“There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.” ~Ansel Adams

This was one of my favorite photographs from the I Heart Faces Photo Walk Across America that I participated in last Saturday.  Although its not of a face…it’s a little about a walk…or maybe perhaps, a journey.  It’s a theme I write about off and on.  I like the idea and the experience of paths in general.  It’s a little peak about the excitement of the future.  It’s when you start walking and you wander a bit, but you still enjoy the view and the experience as you go.  I like the idea of seeing a glimpse of the future but not really knowing how the path will take me there.  It’s probably because I like to plan and dream.  But, I also like the adventure of the unknown and maybe a little of the dips and dangers as well.

Part of our LoveFeast Table journey is to continue to learn about blogging, photography and networking as we develop our blog.  A blogging event like this I Heart Faces walk is a great place to meet other bloggers and hone photography skills all at the same time.

Our walk here in Minnesota was led by an energetic photographer and personality, Molly Durkin, a Minneapolis/St. Paul based photographer who specializes in senior portraits and families.  Bill Hickey was also assisting in this walk that was held at the Oak Ridge Conference Center, in Chaska, MN.


Before we began, Molly pointed out that a good photograph is “about right here” …or if you will, your eye…how you see things.

Clearly I was going to have to see things differently on this photo-walk as I was surrounded by expert photographers and professionals who knew how to click all the dials on their cameras.  Kristin and I both have new cameras and lenses this year so we have lots to learn.  Molly pointed out the journey of learning never ends and that even she is still learning as well.   One of the things I learned on my photo-walk is that this blog, LoveFeast Table currently may be the only blog in America that does not tweak their photos in Photo-shop!

To begin the photo-walk we broke into groups and spread out over the grounds of the conference center.  Exactly, as one might have suspected the photo-walk looked like this.


Using our own group as models…Molly demonstrated how to reflect light using someone’s white polar fleece jacket towards the face.


We took turns modeling for each other.


Kristin, my friend from High Heels And A Hammer, took her turn.


Kristin chatted with a new bloggy friend, Amanda, from the baking blog, i am baker.


Amanda had us rolling with her humor.


Pictures were taken and results were shared.


We all worked hard despite the rain to get some good shots.


We had a model for this event too.  A friend of Molly’s posed for us.  He wasn’t professional but he sure fooled me.  When they call it, “I Heart Faces” they’re not kidding around.