Iolanthe, Mussels and Belgium beer

My beautiful cousin Maria is a trained opera singer.  Of course, I knew right away, from the moment we use to sing Miss Mary Mack in our sleeping bags at night, she would one day be a star!  A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing her perform in Washington DC with the Savoyards. She played Iolanthe.

It was a light opera…entertaining and funny!

Afterwords, we invited Maria and her husband to go get a bite to eat with us.  (We had already done our research and knew where we were headed.)  We went to Dr.Granville Moore’s to sample their mussels and Belgium beer selection.  Chef Teddy Folkmann of Granville Moore’s beat Bobby Flay in a mussel throw down.  We just had to taste the mussels to see if we thought they lived up to the title!  We ordered the Moules Biere…mussels cooked with roasted garlic, fennel, artichokes, apple wood smoked bacon and allagash white.  Now, Devon has never been a fan of mussels, at least cooked the way most bars tend to prepare them (overcooked and rubbery).  But, this gastropub…these moules…left Devon a convert!  They were tender and flavorful!  We also split a bison burger which was loaded with flavor and cooked to perfection!  Aside from the mussels and great company, one of the highlights was definitely the bartender!  She was incredibly knowledgeable in all things Belgium.  She challenged my husband’s palette and knowledge and guaranteed repeat customers.

The atmosphere was not at all stuffy.  The prices totally reasonable and the food out of this world!  It was a little hard to find as the sign is not big or florescent!  We followed the crowd…and discovered a true gem!

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