January Style Tips~Lipstick

We want to welcome our guest and makeup artist, Brielle Brenner today. Brielle will be stopping by monthly to share beauty tips with us. This month is Lipstick Month! Welcome Brielle…

As I unpack the insane amount of Christmas gifts I received this year , I come across my favorite: a little black tube of beautiful, whimsical color. My pride and joy contained in 3 grams of delicious pigment. I’m talking about a lipstick.

While I find myself digging deeper into my career of makeup artistry, I learn not only about my trade, but about myself. I have learned that I’m a rule follower, I’m super cautious, I tend to stay ‘safe’; And while others would use those words to describe how they live life, I use them to explain my bland self before I reached my “out of the closet ‘moment with makeup.

Thinking about the crisp untouched slant of a new tube of lipstick that would soon be formed to my lip shape from daily wear (some crazy makeup articles have done a “what does your lipstick SHAPE say about you”  like that of a handwriting analysis, but about your lipstick!) gets me all too excited to wear such a fun color to my next special occasion.

But then again, why do I have to WAIT to wear a funky shade of lipstick?  Aren’t I special enough!?  Is that color going to shock my daily acquaintances into thinking I’m some sort of out of touch female who wears purple lipstick midday!?

I come out, covered in color, shouting like a crazed fiend,


While you may share the same fear, I will be the first to tell you, no one will think you are crazy.  You will most likely even receive compliments.  Time waits for no one, and a 9 am purple/red/orange lipped wake up call is as good as any other nude lipstick choice that makes you feel super comfortable in your skin.

It’s the way you wear it, ladies.


         My Mac Lipstick in “Up the Amp”

(such a fitting name) $15


If you are ready to fulfill your desire to don a fierce lipstick shade, here are a few tips on how pick the best one for you!

1. Find your skin’s undertone . Are you Cool, Neutral, Or Warm skinned?

Try this:  Put on a white t-shirt, and hold up a piece of white paper to your clean face in front of a mirror . Do you come across pinkish/red (cool), or yellow/tan (warm) ?
Do you feel most comfortable in : Jewel tones  (cool toned) or Rich Oranges, bright yellows, Gold (warm toned).

2. Wear ANY shade of lipstick as long as it is the same undertone as your skin

Try this : Hold a lipstick against a white surface in the store, does it appear blue (cool) or yellow/orange (warm) around the edges ?

3. Wear makeup of the same undertone.

Try this: If wearing a cool lipstick, make sure to keep your blush and eyeshadow the same tone (and vice versa for warm tones)

While these rules CAN be broken, breaking them takes practice.  So as we are venturing outside of our closet space of makeup comfort, we will take it easy and start here. But please feel free to send questions my way brielleesposito@gmail.com

Brielle is a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician in Atlanta, GA . She is currently working in high fashion print and editorial. Her “go to” makeup look is glowing skin paired with thick, winged liner and red lips. Brielle has been helping women overcome their makeup fears since 2010. www.bluebirdartistry.com