Join Us For a Cup of Coffee and An Announcement!

Will you pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and read a little story?

“There once were two bloggers. They were artists by nature, creative types down to the bone. They wrote and posted, twittered and facebooked. They reached out and learned about relationships through social media.

One day, they decided to have an event. It was to be held in Baltimore at a local coffee shop. They decided to call it a BlogLove Event. (You know, because they were bringing bloggers together, in real life, to share in an inspiring evening.)

They decided, “This BlogLove is the perfect event to taste test beans and let our guests choose a LoveFeast Espresso!” (‘Cause we had plans…plans to sell coffee and espresso, because it’s soooo a part of our story!)

The guests did a great job during the espresso tasting, choosing what we thought, was a great bean for espresso!

Jennifer “Hip As I Wanna Be” & Cara “Land of Bean”

That was almost two years ago.

These same two bloggers held on to their dream to sell LoveFeast Espresso and LoveFeast Brew, waiting for just the right time to introduce it to the rest of their friends.

That day has come!”

So, as soon as you run out of your coffee…don’t run to the store and buy more, stop by the LoveFeast Shop and purchase a full pound of whole bean Espresso or Brew!  Each pound is small batch roasted to perfection…and with love. ($18)


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