The Journey Is Part Of The Destination

The Journey Is Part Of The Destination

When we first started this journey 2 1/2 years ago we barely knew where we were going or what we wanted to do.  We started off trying to learn the craft of blogging, dreaming of stories we wanted to share of times we had gathered together around the table.  We had lots of creative ideas, enthusiasm and ambition.  And, we were learning along the way.  Sometimes we started without all the pieces in place, our excitement for all we dreamed ahead of us, leading us on.  And things, it turns out ~ turned out just right.

The heart of this blog started with the notion of gathering people at our table.  We love it.  It’s one of our favorite things to do.  We LOVE the presentation and the decoration.  We love the FEAST with the menus and the tablescaping.  But mostly we love the TABLE with its conversations and the lingering moments while the candles drip to the bottom, where stories are shared and LIFE is slowed down to be savored.  Gathering together and lingering awhile at the table is at the heart of this blog.

Because for us, that is where our FRIENDSHIP really began.  Lingering at the table, so many years ago…with sweaty baby heads pressed against our chests in sleep, while we swirled the last sips of wine and dreamed of adventures we’d try.  And, we wouldn’t hurry too much, we’d take our time…and enjoy.

We didn’t see years later that some of these dreams would takes us to different parts of the globe and eventually so many states away.  But, like most things we took the challenge as an invitation for creating possibility.  Something along the lines of “When God closes a door, He opens a window”.  We didn’t quite then know that the baby steps of creating this blog would open us to fields of new possibilities!  Well, I guess, we kind-of hoped so!

Now here we are at a new horizon for our blog and the LIFESTYLE it has become.  We are so excited to share our adventures with you, our discoveries, inspirations, recipes, projects and beautiful things we find along the way.  And, like any welcoming table we hope you enjoy your time, stay awhile and leave feeling happy and inspired.  Yes, we love a good FEAST, but truly WHO is gathered at the table is what is most important.

DSC_0036 copy

Over the weekend, something wonderful is going to happen…you see we’ve been up to a little “tablescaping”.  On Monday we’ll have set out a “fancier” version of our blog, LoveFeast Table.  We’ll be celebrating with bloggers, readers and friends who will join us at our table for all the festivities.  We want to welcome you, our guest to join us at the TABLE often, get to know you a little better and leave our time together inspired by one another.  Savoring time together is what makes the journey better and the destination sweeter.

DSC_0205 copyWe invite you to share this journey with us.  Together we’ll find inspiration ~ savoring a beautiful life!