Joy of the Discovery

For years we’ve daydreamed about the Shop we’d own and all the fun trips that we would take. We’d dream about poolside meetings and trips to the NY market with weekends spent discovering new finds. Last winter, in a “pinch us” moment, we found ourselves in NY, together with days on end to spend at the NY International Gift Show. We were like kids in a candy store (with sore feet from the miles of walking) with aisles of endless possibility.

We took notes, snapped pictures and lingered with new friends and old. The joy of the discovery, being in the moment and the synergy of two best friends created a weekend to remember.

When we came home and took a look at the weekend through the eyes of our lens, we realized we have a strong aesthetic and are drawn to the same things. I mean, we always knew we had similar taste, but when we took a look objectively at the pieces we were drawn to, it was pretty amazing to discover that our love for pattern, texture and color was woven through our weekend.

We wanted to give you a little taste of the finds we discovered and the beautiful things to come at LoveFeast Shop!


 Found now in LoveFeast Shop ~ Loose Antlers ~ perfect rustic chic accent!


Found now in LoveFeast Shop ~ Ceramic Dishes ~ for artistic place settings!

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