Keensburg Colorado Road Trip Pitstops


There is a lot of open road on our road trip to Colorado.  And, at the end of a dusty road we found a fun pit stop.


Poncho’s at Pastimes it’s called in the small town of Keensburg.


We drove in looking for a gas station…


and then we found Pastimes and the friendly woman who owns Pastimes behind the counter.


She was a little skittish at first, what with me pointing the camera at her, asking about family recipes and taking pictures of her ah-may-zing!!! strawberry shortcake cake.  A bunch of elderly locals at a near by table tried not to be distracted by my out-of-town-ness.


Truth is eventually after I stopped wielding my camera in her face she eventually agreed to share the recipe


for her delightful whipped deliciously piled with cream cake.


Except that I forgot her name and lost her contact information.  That was last summer.


But, I know where she is.  And, I’m hoping to stop back.  Cross your fingers that we’ll get the recipe to share with you!


There is nothing like a favorite pit stop on a road trip!

DSC_0287We love Pastimes on the road in Colorado ~ Kristin and her family like to make pit stops where they can plug in and pull a shot.  Where do you like to make a road trip pit stop?

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  1. We drive by there once a year–thanks so much for this tip! Had no idea what we were missing.

  2. When we are traveling into Philadelphia we always have to stop at Sabrinas Cafe – (in Italian Market) for breakfast – It’s a great little cafe with the most delicious breakfast we’ve found!

    Unfortunatly the only other road trips we go on are up to Connecticut and the only stops we make are Starbucks. I can locate any Starbucks from here to CT!

  3. Love road trips and how special it is when you have a pit stop like this to look forward to. We would go boating when I was kid. Every time we would go to this one lake (no idea what the name was) we would stop for ice cream on the way home. I remember my dad would always get vanilla soft serve with black cherry topping. Thought it was gross then, would love to find it now!!! -Laverne

    P.S. LOVE the story, beautiful pictures and I enjoyed the simplicity of the great story you shared. Brought back memories!

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