Layered Place Settings

Recently I shared a DIY on How to Create Fabric Covered Chargers. I wanted to show you what I did with the chargers. I have a slight obsession for dishes and I tend to collect dishes, both new and antique that I can mix and match with other patterns. It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m not into matchy-matchy. So, the idea of taking different fabric covered chargers and pairing them differently with unique plate patterns, really led to an entire afternoon of playing with my table.

There are a few things to keep in mind when mixing and matching patterns and textures on a table, so that your final tablescape has a sense of cohesiveness.


1. Have a subtle color scheme in mind. I used: Cream, white, gold with a slight pop of blue/green.

2. Look for variations in plate rims for added texture.

3. A pop of a darker color (in this case, dark gray) can be grounding for your overall look. It adds depth to your table.

Setting 1: Crocheted charger with gold, cream and slight pop of blue, wheat patterned, vintage plate.


Setting 2: Linen and gilded charger with all cream embossed, antique plate.


Setting 3: Grounded gray pinstripe charger with cream and blue/green patterned antique plate.


Setting 4: Linen and gilded charger paired with vintage, gold wheat patterned plate.


Setting 5: Linen charger with limoge, antique plate with subtle floral motif and that pop of green/blue.


Setting 6: Grounded gray pinstripe charger with cream, embossed antique plate


In between the charger and the plate, I used a white Pier 1 white, plate. This helped bring a common thread to each place setting. Then I finished each setting off with an antique linen napkin (each one different) clipped onto the plate with a vintage clothes pin.

The effect was elegant and homespun, finished yet comfortable.

It’s that juxtaposition at a table, that makes each guest feel like their place setting was created just for her (or him).


Just curious, which place setting is your favorite? That way, the next time you visit, I’ll make sure to pay attention to that detail.


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  1. I do the layered thing, too! It’s fun to mix and match!!!

    In fact, I was just talking to my mom about this regarding china. My sister and other friends opted not to register for it when they got married, but as an entertainer, I can’t imagine NOT having it. Several years ago, as the oldest unmarried girl, I received my grandmother’s wedding china. It’s not perfectly my style, but I decided that I could add more contemporary pieces of my own one day and still use them!

    • Yes Jen! I can’t get enough of the mix matched patterns. I’m a little bit of a hoarder, ask Chris Ann. I love the idea of “registering” for vintage plates in a certain color palette.


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