Life Is Beauty Full Pillow & Mothers

We hope if you are a Mother you enjoyed a special meal or breakfast from your family or maybe a nice meal out this past weekend.  Even though I haven’t talked to Kristin on the phone yet today, I’m pretty sure she had a lovely meal.  Both our husbands love to cook.  They put the FEAST in LoveFeast a lot of the time.  My husband made me a lovely bacon wrapped steak on the grilled.  During dinner he had each of our 4 kids take turns sharing what was special about their Mom.  Their answers “doing our laundry”, “helping us”, “driving us”, “keeping us organized” wasn’t exactly the vibe he was looking for.  As I listened to them though, I realized despite being mundane, simply keeping everybody dressed and going is really a pretty good accomplishment.  Their lives are the ones I care most about making better.  It made me realize that the very littlest of daily chores making life a little better for someone else, is beautiful.  Sometime it takes a good reminder to realize that Mothers really do make a difference.

Helping your family do their lives well is Beauty Full.

Hope your Mother’s Day was full of Beauty!

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You can find other posts about Beauty & Mothers at the Life Is Beauty Full Link Party. The winner of the Life Is Beauty Full pillow from that party is Crystal ~ Shine.  This is the second time she has won a gift here at LoveFeast.  We think she is on a roll!!

What reminded you lately that Life Is Beauty Full?