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My husband and I had a date!!  Woo who!!  I have to admit, it’s been a while.  We wrapped up our night at a new little restaurant in Hamilton (Baltimore, MD).  It’s called Clementines.  Since we had not made dinner reservations and the kitchen was closing, we begged our way in for a cup of coffee and dessert.  Since Clementines has opened, it has been busy.  I have hear wonderful things about the food, and mixed reviews on the service.

Now, because Devon and I have a combined 30+ years in the food industry, when we go to a place, we are a bit picky (maybe a little too).  He spent years in kitchens of 4 and 5 star restaurants and I spent my time in the front of the house.  We look for the overall experience to be just right.  For example, if we have had a wonderful meal, great service and then we get a cup of instant coffee with dessert…well, it can taint it a bit for us.

So, we went to Clementines with an open mind and anticipation since we’ve heard such good things.  We were a little put off that we had to explain to the hostess the virtue of allowing us to come sit at an empty table for a piece of cake and coffee.  I know we were not a high ticket guest…but, I promise, if it went well…we would be!  We didn’t let this stop us from enjoying our night out!  We ordered coffee…Zeke’s!!  Yeah!!  This was definitely a good sign.  Then we took a look at the desserts!  We unanimously landed on the gingerbread cake with pear compote.  I enjoyed it so much!  Devon wasn’t as convinced.  He said it was, “ok”.  I think he was put off by the reception we received at the door.

I personally left with the hope the next experience will be good start to finish.

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  1. We ate there a few weeks ago and had an AMAZING dinner. I, too, worked in the restaurant industry for years and am very picky. The food was awesome! The service was very good. Give it another try.

  2. I think I will. I’ve heard wonderful things about their chocolate peanut butter cake! Yum!

  3. Cam B. says:

    Jordan and Melissa have been there a few times…they really like it.

  4. Lee Cockrum says:

    We finally made it in after our 4th try. 3 other times they were totally full, and then when we tried to beat the rush, we ended up during the “light fare” time. Although the food was good, it was not fabulous, and the prices were too high for the quality. I much prefer another Harford road place whose name also starts with a C.

  5. I’ve heard great things about the other “C” restaurant! I will have to venture there soon!

  6. Steve Patton says:

    You set yourself up as a reviewer and have th eballs to doown a restaurant for being reluctant to let you in at closing time but they actually do let you in and place an dorder. Are you out of your mind! my suggestion is that you actually give them a fair shot before you write a review and that you actually have something to say before you bother writing. I am familiar with both Harford Road C restaurants, and both happen to be among th ebest in Baltimore or anywhere else for that matter and this is from someone who knows food. But they are two entirely different venues. Clementines is extremely capable and teh sevric is maybe a tad less formal than the other but that is by design and but I don’t know of any more attentative service anywhere. Any place can have a bad day but I have never had such an experience at clementines in the 20 or so trips I have made there over the course of their time in Baltimore. The cooking is excellent and highly creative and also puts teh emphasis on being environmentally friendly by choosing organic products from local growers. This is true for both C’s by the way. The other house is strictly in the vein of French bistro and adapts alimite dmenue to seasonal selections. Clementine goes on pretty much the same idea except that the menu i smore varied and much less traditional which is their claim to fame. I have never eaten anything there though that I didn’t think perfectly prepared and tasty though. Nor can I say that I ever left hungry and teh price is very reasonable. The other C is a bit less so, but still worth every cent. I would also rate either house higher on my list than the other two bistros that get all the raves the supposed experts in this town.

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