Little Bit of Clementine


My husband and I had a date!!  Woo who!!  I have to admit, it’s been a while.  We wrapped up our night at a new little restaurant in Hamilton (Baltimore, MD).  It’s called Clementines.  Since we had not made dinner reservations and the kitchen was closing, we begged our way in for a cup of coffee and dessert.  Since Clementines has opened, it has been busy.  I have hear wonderful things about the food, and mixed reviews on the service.

Now, because Devon and I have a combined 30+ years in the food industry, when we go to a place, we are a bit picky (maybe a little too).  He spent years in kitchens of 4 and 5 star restaurants and I spent my time in the front of the house.  We look for the overall experience to be just right.  For example, if we have had a wonderful meal, great service and then we get a cup of instant coffee with dessert…well, it can taint it a bit for us.

So, we went to Clementines with an open mind and anticipation since we’ve heard such good things.  We were a little put off that we had to explain to the hostess the virtue of allowing us to come sit at an empty table for a piece of cake and coffee.  I know we were not a high ticket guest…but, I promise, if it went well…we would be!  We didn’t let this stop us from enjoying our night out!  We ordered coffee…Zeke’s!!  Yeah!!  This was definitely a good sign.  Then we took a look at the desserts!  We unanimously landed on the gingerbread cake with pear compote.  I enjoyed it so much!  Devon wasn’t as convinced.  He said it was, “ok”.  I think he was put off by the reception we received at the door.

I personally left with the hope the next experience will be good start to finish.

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