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One of our favorite things is to share a cup of joe and some coffee chat.  When we were mothers with very young children we use to drive up and down the streets with our vans filled with sleeping toddlers and babies strapped in their car seats.  We would pass each other in the streets and nod and lift our cups to each other.

Times have changed for us!!  We’re now “coffee chatting” online ~ which is almost as good as in real life!!

Please join us TOMORROW for a LIVE CHAT  :  Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 pm est

We are going to be hosting the chat, along with our friend Heather from Whipperberry ~ on the topic of Hospitality and Entertaining!  We will share a conversation around ~ tips for entertaining, menu planning, conversation and memories!


First, join us at the International Delight: Coffee Talk Community on BlogFrog, HERE .  

Put the kids to bed earlier and ask  your hubby to do the dishes (that’s what we’re doing!)

Pour yourself a hot cup of joe and maybe somethin’ special to add into it ! 😉

Pull up a chair and join us online!! 

You know we are firm believers, in the more the merrier! So, pull up a chair to the virtual table and bring your tips and tricks to share. We are always on the hunt for new ideas on how to make a dinner party a success! 

Let us know if you’ll be there & what you are interested in chatting about too!

And just to give you a taste of some of the other conversations happening at the Coffee Talk Community take a look below…and hop in to the conversation! We’d love to get to know you better!

Check out these new conversations from my community


Before Kids……….
Before you had children, did you work full time outside
house?  If you’re still working full time outside the house,
did you change jobs?
Basically…….what did you do before you had children?
I worked full time in the fitness industry.  I’m still
working in the fitness industry, bu… read more…

What do you think about reusable K-Cup Filters?
Ok Ok…I need your opinion!  I got a keurig for Christmas
and while I am in love, I miss some of my old coffee beans.  I
have heard that the reusable k cup filters make watered down
coffee, etc.  So I have been skeptical to try.
I am wondering do you use the reusable filter?&nbsp… read more…

How Do You Fit “Fitness” Into Your Weekly Routine?
I feel like I can’t get a thirty minute block anywhere in my day
to do anything active…it seems like there is always a kid who
wants to hang on me right when some free time opens up.  And,
since the weather is unpredictable right now, it isn’t easy to grab
them all and head out for a walk… read more…

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