LIVE Chat Tonight~Topic: Pinterest

We are having a blast over at The International Delight BlogFrog Community. Everyday there are interesting conversations going on and fun new people to meet. We are excited that tonight we will be having a LIVE Chat at 9pm eastern on the topic of Creative Pinterest Uses. We would love for you to join us! If you’ve never engaged in a LIVE Chat before, it’s super easy.

1. At 9pm eastern, come back HERE, to this post.

2. If you don’t have a BlogFrog account, that is okay, you can log in with your Facebook account.

3. You will see a conversation going on. Introduce yourself and jump on in!

Bring your questions and your tips and get ready to have a great conversation. Typically the conversations last an hour.

Here are a few tips for the conversation:

-Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you’ve never met before.

-When addressing a specific person, just put the @ in front of their name. For ex:  “@LoveFeast, it’s so nice to meet you!”

-It’s great to try and keep to the current thread of thought. A community leader may throw out a question, such as, “How have you organized your Pinterest boards?” Hop on in with your answer. If you like someone else’s response and want to learn more, “@” them and look for their answer!

It’s super easy and all the women we’ve met during the LIVE Chats have been wonderful! We like to put the kids to bed, pour ourselves a glass of wine and have a “Girl’s Night In!”

We would love for you to join us!

Do you have any other questions about the LIVE Chats beforehand? We’d be happy to answer them!