Heirloom Beautiful Necklaces From LoveFeast Shop

We’re choosy when it comes to jewelry for ourselves.  Jewelry is personal.  Kristin and I are always on the hunt for jewelry we that is stylish, chic, unusual, and one-of-a-kind.  We believe that every woman should have at least one heirloom quality treasure.


A quality piece goes a long way in style and in years. Which is why you’ll find much of the jewelry in LoveFeast Shop is artisan made, hand-crafted and unique.

Liz Oie, is the artist who creates many of our signature LoveFeast Shop pieces.  It’s wonderful thought to know that as Liz weaves each wire and adds each stone she is thinking about the wearer.

“When I make the Mother’s Tree of Life necklace, since every one, is one of a kind, I know that their necklace will be a unique and special representation of their family and nothing is more important, than family.” ~ Liz Oie, Artist


 “When I am shaping my jewelry I am really adding to their journey…if I take the opportunity to notice and make it special.” 

Liz has found her passion creating something beautiful and special for any woman.

“I wear my Mother’s Tree of Life necklace often, and every time I do I get compliments on it.” ~ Laura Tremaine ~ Hollywood Housewife 


” I like that I can bring some joy to their day.”  ~ Liz Oie, Artist

Mother's Tre Of Life gold heirloom

You can find the Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace , The Pearl Necklace on Leather and the one-of-a-kind Vintage Tiffany Ball Necklace at LoveFeast Shop.


Read more about the artist Liz Oie, in her studio and her passion for creating beautiful jewelry HERE.