Love Log at the Ladybug Luncheon

What is a love log?  I came across it in the new cookbook, Baked New Frontiers In Baking.  What’s not to love about a love log?!  It’s raw cookie dough that you wrap in parchment and give to a friend.  I decided to take a love log to a luncheon we were serving for women in our neighborhood.

Once a month, a group of us, plan, prepare, serve and share a meal with women from all walks of life.  We originally started it to share hot meals with women who are victims of sex trafficking (we call them ladybugs) in our neighborhood.  We found that along with the ladybugs, there were single moms, immigrants and others who needed to have an afternoon of sharing life with other women.  It has been a time of encouraging one another and listening.  When the “real life” stuff melts away, even if for a moment, we are all just women.  We talk about our kids, our husbands, cleaning, laundry, dreams and desires.

This month a single momma, Carol, made an incredible minestrone soup and overstuffed meatball sandwiches (both of which I inhaled!).  I added my love log!  I made super sized cookies that melted in your mouth.

Make your own love log…use any recipe…cook up a love feast, or just take it to an elderly neighbor!  If you do, please come back and share with us your story!