Love The Home You Have Challenge

Would you like to read a book that gets you inspired to care for and create a home where you feel happy and content?  The book, Love The Home You Have, is like having a “coffee talk” date with a friend who puts it to you straight, with a touch of warmth, humor and heart.  It’s a little pep talk that to inspires you to love your home a little bit more.
I’m honored to have been invited to complete a simple Love Your Home Challenge inspired by the new book, Love The Home You Have, written by my blogging friend Melissa @ The Inspired Room.
From time to time we all get in a “home loving” rut.  I admit, even I have been in a rut occasionally, even while I am surrounded daily with beautiful things that I curate in my online boutique, LoveFeast Shop.  As I have been reading Melissa’s book, Love The Home You Have, I have been inspired to continue my personal and professional journey of creating and curating beauty.
Love Your Home Collage
There are so many great takeaways in this book.  Some are practical, some are challenging and some are personal.  I have no doubt that any reader will find new ways to fall in love with their home again, or just be re-inspired to create beauty in their home as a way of connecting to family and to life.
Beauty creates connection.
A table centerpiece has always been something that I have loved.  After walking in the front door of my home, the next thing I want to lay eyes on is something that cheers me and says welcome home.  The table has always represented to me a little island that seems to invite hospitality and a feeling of welcome.  On the very day I decide to tackle one of the challenges in this book, my dining room table was a blank slate, begging for color and personality.  While my table was fairly clutter free, it certainly wasn’t inspiring at the moment. With a take away challenge, found on page 200 of Love The Home You Have, I decided to “Reclaim the Dining Room”.  What a difference ten minutes can make in your home!
Spring Table Simplicity 590
Love The Home You Have, will inspire you to love the home you have, or maybe fall back in love with some of the things you like to do.  Setting a table that is beautiful, welcoming and exciting to be at is something that I have always loved creating.  I love to set the stage for my family and friends to enjoy a memorable meal or celebration.  Love the Home You Have, reminded me to stop and do the thing I love to do.  Coming home to a pretty table makes me feel happier in my home!
“Create a home inspired by your life & what you love and then your home will inspire you.” ~ Melissa Michaels
Taking care of your home, finding beauty in simple things, using what you have to decorate, and decorating with things that mean something to you, are all things I believe wholeheartedly in.  It’s what inspires me to love my home, and quite frankly what inspired me to begin a business that curates beautiful, meaningful objects for others to add to their homes, gift and enjoy.
 Love the Home You Have Book by Melissa of The Inspired Room Blog
If you are interested in more inspiring challenges from Melissa’s new book, visit Visit The Inspired Room HERE to find more information on the book, Love the Home you Have.

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