LoveBombing Homemade Blueberry Pies

Recently we were given pints and pints of blueberries. There were so many blueberries! We gave many boxes away but even then, were left with many more boxes. Teapot wanted to help me make blueberry pie. A few months ago I had picked up small, disposable pie tins. I said, “Let’s make mini pies and LoveBomb* our neighbors!” She was all over it! She got out the aprons, put one on Little Man and we all got to work. 

We made a mess, but we had so much fun!

*LoveBombing is an act of preparing and serving a meal or a morsel with a friend, unexpectedly and in unexpected ways. And if you get the chance, to pull up a chair and enjoy a bite with them, taking a moment to listen and be a friend. We’ve LoveBombed skaters, women in recovery, neighbors and strangers.

And there is nothing like LoveBombing with your kids!

Team “Blueberry Pie”

We wrapped up our pies,

tied them with a ribbon, added a personal note and headed out.

We LoveBombed Ms. Betty, our neighbor who has a house full of cats she calls, “Kitty Angels”.

We LoveBombed Ashley from Our Daily Chocolate. The pie was for her, but she said she did share a bite or two with her kids.

We LoveBombed our neighbor who had had a rough week.

We LoveBombed Little Man’s friend. It was her birthday.

And a good friend, who happened to not be feeling well.

LoveBombing is so easy to do! One of our friends even turned LoveBombing into a full blown Operation #LoveBomb. We were LoveBombed by her with homemade preserves. It is such an easy way to meet your neighbors, thank your librarians, show a moment of kindness to a stranger. It gets you out of your comfort zone and places you in the path of people who may just need a moment of kindness. And usually, the LoveBomb effects the receiver as well as the giver.

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