LoveFeast at Marakkesh

We wrapped up our fun week with a final dinner at Marakkesh, in Washington D.C.  If you’ve never been to Marakkesh, I highly recommend a visit!

We arrived and got out of the suburban (which has officially died…so really this was it’s last restaurant adventure…so long old friend) and walked up to a big wooden door.  We had to knock to be allowed in.  We stepped over the threshold and were warmly greeted by numerous hosts and hostesses.  We were escorted to the back dining room.  We crossed a dance floor and joined our party.

Our menu was already chosen by the mother of the bride so we were in for round after round of surprises.  Our server first brought out big hand towels for us to drape across our laps.  Then he put a large bowl on the table and went around to each of us with warm water for us to wash our hands.  We pour a large glass of Moroccan red wine and settled in to enjoy our evening.

The first course was a little bit of salad, hummus and for me the highlight, roasted eggplant jam (I’m not sure what the official name of that sweet dish was, but it was really the best part of the entire meal!)  The food is served on one large, communal plate that you share with your table.  Oh, and did I tell you, there are no utensils!  You eat everything with your hands!  I promise, the food tastes better that way!

The next course was a roasted chicken in olives and lemon.  This was tender and delicious!  After we were down to just the bones, the server replaced our plate with a  plate of lamb kabobs.  These were ok.  My husband and I felt they were not quite as flavorful as other Moroccan food we’ve had…a bit Americanized in our opinion.  A large bowl of cous cous followed, then bowls of fresh fruit and nuts.  We wrapped up the evening with baklava…at that point, I had just a bite…I was so full!

Toward the end of our meal the lights went out, lasers came on, and a belly dancer made her way to the dance floor.  It really is an amazing art!  We enjoyed the dance and laughed as she came and escorted Brielle, the new bride, to the floor to dance with her!  I think Brielle has a hidden talent!

Overall the night was wonderful and the restaurant was a great place for celebrating!  I don’t know that we Americans quite understand celebratory dining.  It seems we are usually in a hurry and don’t take the time to linger, get our hands messy and dance!  I wish there were more places like Marakkesh!

Credits again to the beautiful pictures taken by Thayna Alves.

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