This little dream of ours grew, and then some. And then came a curve in the road we didn't anticipate...

LoveFeast Girls ~ New Journeys

Our journey began almost 21 years ago. Within minutes of meeting each other we were dreaming about potential entrepreneurial things. We went on to raise our first 7 tinies together, spent countless hours sharing meals and shared a commercial space with two different businesses. My husband and I ran a coffee shop and Chris Ann sold her antiques on our third floor. Our lives took a major shift about nine years later and had our families move miles apart. But, distance was never a deterrent.

We continued to dream and scheme a start up or some kind of collaborative venture. One day over sweet potatoes fries, we decided to start blogging and LoveFeast Table was born. We wrote together, attended conferences together and met amazing friends through this joint venture. We kept dreaming and in 2010 we started LoveFeast Shop. We went to market, walked the floors for hours, discovering decor items, gift items and other products that spoke to us. We tend to have a similar aesthetic, but together it became honed and refined as a LoveFeast look.

LoveFeast Table

We started this baby as a way to stay connected, always intending it would be a slow grow, one that would grow with our growing families. Our families were our priority. With nine kids between us and two amazing husbands, we never wanted to take away from that; we wanted LoveFeast to enhance our already full lives. Well, LoveFeast grew and the time demands on us as well. Even though our kids are in similar life stages, I have had 3 at home, homeschooling them for years. My husband and I also have a business that was growing at the same time. The hours I could give to our growing business LoveFeast, didn’t change, but the need did.

LoveFeast Table

I began to reevaluate my priorities and realized I was becoming overstressed at trying to keep all the balls in the air. And something had to change.

In December of 2014, I stepped down from LoveFeast Life, LLC and handed full reigns over to Chris Ann, my best friend.

Our friendship is intact and our belief in one another is stronger than ever. I have no doubt in Chris Ann’s ability to take LoveFeast in amazing new directions. She is passionate about this space and about the brand that is being built. After all, it was built on scraps of dryer lint and dreams, hand over fist, by two friends who enjoyed the journey they were on.

LoveFeast Girls

LoveFeast Table and LoveFeast Shop, will take some new turns in the coming year. Chris Ann is still dreaming and scheming what that will look like and I know she’ll keep you posted.

I may pop in every now and again.  My husband and I own a home remodeling company, Ripristino Remodeling and are in the process of fully gutting and flipping a home, as well as gutting and remodeling our own, new home. We will be up to our arms in constructions, design and creativity. I may come in and share a glimpse into what we’re doing.

But, for now, if you’d like to keep in touch with me, you can find me at these places:

Blog:    Instagram: kristin.potler     Email:

I’ve built some amazing friendships through this space and will forever be grateful! Life’s journey is full of twists and turns, may we never be fearful of what those changes bring!

All my best,

Kristin Potler

co-founder of LoveFeast Life

LoveFeast Table