It’s Like Glitter On Top Of Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I flew into Baltimore for an LoveFeast inspiration weekend with Kristin.  Spending an inspiration weekend together turned out to be just like we dreamed it could be when we started our LoveFeast biz and blog!

We walked down the alley’s of Baltimore and met in coffee shops with artists who just might show up in our LoveFeast Shop!

We had lunch with friends at a table at the Golden West Cafe — where our LoveFeast journey began.  And went to a vintage jewelry pop up shop and to small boutiques looking for beauty and inspiration.  Some of these pretties from the pop up shop will find their way into LoveFeast Shop as well…














And of course we savored relaxing with some espresso in our jammies in the morning.  We’d sum it up life right now by saying that our plan is working!!

While that in-real-life weekend two weeks ago was all about inspiration the next one, two weeks from now in Minnesota is all about putting that inspiration into action!!  The way we dreamed up LoveFeast Table was to bring the two of us and those themes of inspiration and great finds together on our blog and in our LoveFeast Shop.  What happens when you visit, pull up a chair a nd leave a comment or find something you like that inspires you from our shop? Well, that’s just like glitter on top of cupcakes! ~ It just makes us happy!

We’re glad your here ~ if you’re new to our table, we hope you get to know us, linger, see what we’re giving to, savor some holiday stories and cookies and come back to follow our journey!  We hope to share some inspiration ~ to savor a beautiful life!

Cheers from our table!


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