LoveFeast Shop ~ Behind The Scenes

There was a time that Kristin and I would chuckle at ourselves and our dream a little.  Come on, really how did we think we be able to start a business?  We were after all 5 states away, had no start up money to speak of, were busy raising 9 kids all together and well, we didn’t really exactly know how to do this internet thing.

We’ve had a running joke since the beginning, giving our ideas a comical tagline:  “From dryer lint to dreams!”  What we wanted to do didn’t seem practical.  Yet something tangible was hidden in our imagination.  Once after a visit I left Kristin a glass container of dryer lint and ribbon on a table for her to discover.  She got the joke.  She still has the container of dryer lint.  We knew that we could create from nothing something beautiful with a bit or let’s say a lot of perseverance.

We were determined to persevere and make our ideas realities. 

That was 4 years ago.  Now we have skype meetings to assign the tasks that need to be done here on our blog and for our online boutique, LoveFeast Shop.

This past August we hosted our first team meeting.  We marveled at the fact that we did indeed have a team!  All hands were on the deck so to speak.  We had to get ready for fall, “pumpkin season” and the growth of our business.

Represented at our meeting was our pumpkin warehouse, our bookkeeper, our assistant via phone listening in and my husband, Todd.

We Skype-d Kristin in on the laptop.  When I enlarged her head she looked like she could take a bite out of the sandwiches!

Keeping it real Kristin live tweeted our big meeting.

No LoveFeast meeting would be complete with out a FEAST.






We talked about work flow, responsibilities and changes we will be making to our LoveFeast Shop (A newly designed LoveFeast Shop if very near in our future!)  Working together directly with our wholesaler we are creating a flow that will help our customers choose what they like, make their purchases easily and get what they purchased quickly.

Our goal is to have our LoveFeast Shop customers feel well taken care of – like a guest at our table.

It wasn’t too many months ago that I was set up in an alley for our Velvet Acorn and Velvet Plush Pumpkin photo shoot.  Sure, all this is a lot of fuss over just one of the products in our LoveFeast Shop.  But, we can’t help ourselves.  Looking over the small details is part of the job.

And who can resist fussing over a velvet plush pumpkin as sweet as this ~

We will continue to change and grow even in the midst of our pumpkin season.  Recently, here on our blog, we shifted categories from LOVE, FEAST, TABLE, and LIFE to bring you DECOR, FEAST, STYLE, and LIFE.  To keep up with these changes and to find out about our MONTHLY SPECIALS and SALES at LoveFeast Shop sign up for our NEWSLETTER and our Facebook page to get updates of what inspires us, what’s our latest finds of beautiful things for a beautiful life!

Join us at the table!

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