LoveFeast Table Family Recap


There was more than enough action packed into this week!  Kristin’s tribe drove across the states from Maryland like they did a couple of summers ago to join our gang for a week of eating, playing and a LoveFeast Table hosted a bloggers’ networking event called BlogLove.


While the event took a bit of our time and attention.  We still made a way to enjoy our growing families.  We managed to have family time around our event that included time at the skate park and a visit to a bakery.  We trooped our troops to play laser tag at Triple Play and to visit Cascade Bay, Valley Fair and the Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.


They’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years.


But, it took no time at all for our kids to fall into rank.


Our favorite time is still in the kitchen and around the table!


Our boys get along just great!


However, it still takes some management to get cooperation for a picture.


The youngest ones still make the drama….


And make us laugh…


You could say our gang knows how to roll!!


How to be ourselves together.


We hang out comfortably.


And, we know that is a gift.  A part of our experience.  A part of our story.  A part of our memories.  And, that made for a very good week.


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