LoveFeast Table TakeOn With This Is Reverb

This is LoveFeast Table’s first TakeOn Challenge!!  The TakeOn is presented to Ryan Detzel, of the blog This Is Reverb.  We first discovered Ryan over at Ree Drummond’s blog, The Pioneer Women, and became quick readers of his honest and refreshing take on life.  Also, we noticed what seemed to be a very similar cooking style to Kristin’s husband, Devon.  Well, maybe, if that includes setting off fire alarms.

Fire Alarm

So a couple of weeks ago, when the LoveFeast Table gang was together in Minnesota.  We came up with some fun!  Somewhere between the planning, the cheers, and the cheese a plan was hatched to invite Ryan to join in the cooking and the fun!  We decided to call it a LoveFeast Table TakeOn.   See how happy we are?  We have just hatched a plan!

Cheers Genius Fancy Friday

Shortly there after Ryan agreed to the challenge.  So that very night after Kristin and I had cheered and Devon and Todd finished their Xbox marathon, Devon took the Sweet Goddess Blackberry Hot Fudge Sauce and warmed it up.  His mission was to create a savory dish for dinner..and this-

Warming Sauce

became this!

TakeOn Salmon and Chocolate Sauce

All good things are worth waiting for!  This recipe will be posted soon!!  In the mean time, Ryan has received a box with Sweet Goddess Blackberry Hot Fudge Sauce inside and instructions to create a savory dish with it.  We’ll let you know when he posts his dish!  In the mean time if you’re friends with Ryan and live near him, invite yourself over for some history in the making and some great cooking. So, have at it Ryan!  Thanks for joining us in a LoveFeast Table TakeOn…..we hope the challenge floats your boat!

TakeOn Salmon and Chocolate Sauce


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