Our Lucky Italian Table

Luck can be defined as the chance happening of a fortunate event.  Being at the right place in the right time – can open up more possibilities to help out good fortune.   Luck, if you will, may find you – and might even come straight to your table!

Traveling in Italy can set you up for this right kind of luck.  In this case, luck found us at our Italian table.  We had set out to visit the Italian countryside of Tuscany, driving from Florance to Rome.  We were ready for adventure and surprises!  We were in Italy, after all, which is lucky enough anyway – our glass was half full!

By chance, or was it luck, we obeyed our rumbling stomachs and set off on a road that took us to a small village in Italy called Panzano.

We found a place to park our rented tiny car on a side street. We were charmed by the view peeking out between the streets and over the hills.

The waiter of the restaurant we found crammed on a street corner, weaved us through the jumbled tables to the back of the restaurant that opened to a patio. We were led to a table in the corner under a canopy of fig trees and to a view overlooking the Tuscan hillside that we will never forget.

We pinched ourselves! How fortunate to have happened upon this road, this restaurant, this table, this view!

We ordered the type of lunch that could be nibble and savored over conversation. A bit of ham, some fruit and cheeses to share. Little plates of happiness.

And, then with our stumbling Italian, we ordered some wine to go along. We bumbled some Italian phrases and pointed to our menus – choosing what we thought to be some good table wine at a modest price. We knew we were going to get a good bottle in Tuscany anyway.

Our waiter seemed pleased with our selection. He took it to the table beside us to decant it. Hmmm, interesting we thought. Was it worthy of decanting?

At that point my husband who had been studying the menu realized we had bought the “better” wine. For a minute we thought we might change our order, but the bottle was uncorked and was pouring out. We settled back into our chairs, reassuring ourselves that the more expensive bottle was worth it. We were lucky after all to be in Italy, so we might as well enjoy our lunch. And, of course now…the “better” wine.

From the first sip we knew something was special about this bottle. It lingered on our tongues as we found more notes as the wine opened. It was Brunello Heaven.

We cheered to ourselves that our unlucky order had turned into the best bit of luck to be had in Tuscany!

When we arrived home we found out that our heavenly Casanova di Niri Brunello di Montalcino 2001 was a famous bottle and the Wine Spectator 2007 wine of the year!

It was our mistake ~ that helped Good Luck find us at our Tuscan table!

And we savored it to it’s last drop!

We hope one of you will have a bit o’ luck and some happy travels, like we did! Check out the giveaway below and see if you can find some luck!

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