Magical Fairy Container Garden

I’ve been thinking of doing a fairy garden for some time ~ and since warm spring weather has been playing hide and seek with us here in Minnesota, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make an inside fairy container garden.  Fairies it turns out are kinda overpopulating and are in need of habitats – thus the rage.  And, well with my bff all the way in Maryland, I’m thinking why not make friends with some invisible people.  (Hmmmm. Lonely for some girl time much?)

Fairy Gardens are starting to become popular enough (remember the overpopulation issues) that my local garden center had a fun selection of tiny plants to choose from.

It turns out even fairies have celebrities now.  Girls like Kay Kay, Cindi and Dee Dee are savvy enough to cash in on their looks, personalities, and skills.  They are “rebranding” gardening favorites such as Honeysuckle, Golden Globes, and Angel Vine.  Word on the street is that they have a Killer Tribe.

I lot of fairy girls like pink, but my fairies are from suburbia and are a little “over” cutesy-ness.  My suburban citified fairies were going to prefer a more upscale spa zen feeling.   So I went with small river rocks.

Garden fairies have the best intentions.  I am quite sure they want to “get to” their chores.  So, I picked out some small tools for them, in case they want to “work” out.

After the layer of river rocks, I added enriched potting soil to my container.  The last think I want to do is kill my plants and ruin a good fairy get-together.  Just like any pretty thing it’s all about the foundation it’s built on.  Practicality hides under every well run get-together.  And, I wanted my fairies to stay and play.

I wanted a hint of mystery in my garden, a little enchantment.  This container was for fairies after all.  I arranged the “branches” of my “trees” to cover a small circular center hidden garden hangout within my container garden.

This hidden fairy garden will be the perfect place for my little girlfriends to gather together in a circle to shake their chakras.   I want all my fairy guest to feel at home.

Decorating a fairy garden is just like setting a table.  It’s all about hospitality and making your small guest friend comfortable.  I created a path leading to a secret mosh pit out of small river rocks, and added the  small tools for “working”.

A tipped over terracotta planter table is perfect to share a couple of Honeysuckle-ritas over.

This fairy chick habitat disguised as a chic decorative tabletop planter ~

takes on a magical vibe in the evening.

I’m thinking of putting a tiki light or two out for the chicks (maybe a birthday candle?)

It’s fun to think of the things to add, a penny, a wooden spool, a garland made of a broken bracelet?  What might these princess girls swipe off my floor?

I’m not too worried though ~ because I’ll be keeping an eye on my magical fairy space.

I think the girls are going to like it here.

This would be a great fairy garden gift for a kid!