Masala Chai Recipe

Chai in the summertime?  You betcha’! (That’s what we say about anything we agree with in Minnesota.)  It was the the most wonderful of afternoon pick-me-ups!  And, how fortunate for us it was made by someone who really knew what they were doing!  While we were visiting Kristin & Devon in Baltimore, another one of their friends, Vivek, who is from India, happened to be in the U.S. on business.  So, Devon drove into Washington, DC to pick him up and bring him back to Baltimore for a visit as well.  We usually start craving a shot of espresso mid afternoon, but with Vivek in the kitchen we were in for a special treat!  He was going to show us how to make Masala Chai, a hot spiced tea drink.

The first thing Vivek did to make the Chai was to pour in the water and the milk.   This should be a 50/50 amount of water and milk.  He also added just a splash of heavy cream.

Then, he added 2 1/2 scoops of sugar.  Um, I know we don’t have perfect numbers here, but this is something best made by feel, and to taste,  and perhaps by somebody who is from India.

Then, he added 2 or more cardamon seeds, 3 strips of cinnamon, 4 fresh mint leaves, and a pinch of ginger powder.  (You can also use fresh ginger if you have it on hand.)  No vanilla!!  That’s right Starbucks!

These ingredients should be boiled on high heat.  When the Chai starts to bubble on the edges of the pan lower the heat and add the tea.  Stir in the tea until camel in color.  Then, turn up the temperature for about 2 minutes.  Then, it is finished, strain, and drink!

You can see, while we’ve had other bowls of bliss , we loved these tiny bowls very much!!  We treasured the time Vivek spent in the kitchen with us, teaching us how to make real Chai.  Do you have a friend who has shared a traditional recipe or meal with you?  Please add on your comment and share it with us at the LoveFeast Table!!


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