Meet Kristin’s Sister~Designer of Boho Beach Jewelry

Meet my younger sister, Cana Praise Morningstar! (Yes, that’s her real name.) Pull up a chair to the table and get to know one of my favorite people in the world.

Cana was born when I was 7. And as far as sisters go, she rocked my world. From the very beginning she emanated creativity and spunk. Early on she surrounded herself with collections of things…baba’s (stuffed animals), old inhalers and anything sparkly. She would create miniature models of things like The Wheel of Fortune, out of toothpicks and entire mini feasts made up of pin sized crackers with cheese and bologna on them. (She’d spend an hour setting up her lunch in tiny size portions.) She herself was a petite thing. But, being as she had an older sister and brother, girlfriend could hold her own!

She is now the mama of 4 (of the cutest nieces and nephews an auntie could ask for) and she lives at the beach with her surfer/soccer coach/dj husband.

Cana has been making jewelry for some time now. I think her love for jewelry making began over 18 years ago. Today, she creates one of a kind, boho chic pieces, that embody the detail and creativity I’ve always known my sister to have. These pieces are unique and thoughtful. Trust me, I know the time she puts into making sure each gem and stone goes in just the right place. Some of the gems she’s found, others she’s collected or discovered on her gem journey.

She was at my house this weekend and I asked her a few questions so you could get to know her too.

What inspired these “Fall At the Beach” pieces?

The colors and patterns I see everyday at the beach. The netting around the Citrine stone in the Net Wrapped Necklace was inspired by a macrame plant hanger from the 70’s. It was hanging in a friend’s house and I studied it, thinking it would make a great addition to a piece of jewelry.

How did you get started in making jewelry?

Our brother! He taught me how to make my first macrame pattern. Then in high school I got a job at a semi precious stone store and learned about the jewelry making trade.

Tell me something fun about yourself…

I like tiny, tinie things. I like when you put them all together to create a larger piece. I sometimes imagine I’m a pixie fairy combing the beach, finding the little details nature has to offer.

Boho Beach Shell Drop Necklace $60

Boho Beach Net Wrap Necklace $70

Boho Beach~Wrap Bracelet $40

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