Mexico Getaway


You could say that I was rescued.  My husband happened to have a business trip in Mexico last week and I had to go with him.  Had to.  Because my back yard looks like this.


And, actually I could be dying of low vitamin D or even C.  So, you could say that this trip was practically a need.


And, of course, being a mother of four and multitasking a kid in every stage of life (high school, middle school, elementary school and kindergarten… I could use a little R&R.


But really the true story is that I went for the sake of research, grueling tedious research.   Because I  wanted to share with you..our dear, dear readers, especially the ones who live in Minnesota or the Upper Midwest… especially those that are mothers, or married, or those of us who work too hard and too long, those whose fingers are tired from typing and twittering, or even those in need of a destination wedding.


Just to let you know….there is nothing here not to like.


Unless of course…you don’t like…relaxing poolside.


Or..the idea of stuffing yourself to the brim with all sorts of delish Mexican food and nonstop guacamole snacking….


and waiters who keep you happy with fresh fruity and frozen drinks like this-


or, if you don’t long to retire at night in a bed that looks like this-


after you’ve taken a dip in your own lovely private-ish pool.


Yes, after, much inspection and fearless research..I have discovered that this place is going to be OK for you to visit –safe, restful, beautiful, maybe even heavenly.   Yes, it’s true..that I knew it right off the bat that I was going to like it here.


This was nice.


But, this was a very very good sign.


So, if your not looking to relax and be pampered,


And, if you’re not wanting to indulge in any way,


Don’t bother going here


you’ll just be disappointed.


I’ll just save you the trip, ’cause I’ve done the research….you just won’t like it.

*Where was I?  Secret’s Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, in Playa del Carmen.  And, the honest truth is that it’s a perfect place for a haggard mother or a destination wedding.  Unfortunately, they didn’t pay me to say that.


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