Midtown Global Market Blogger Night


Well…I got out Tuesday night!  And…not just out….out-out! Sort of left my bubble…as some would say! Suburbia Man came home from work…I put on my new top from Hot Mama and hit the road on my way to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.  I was headed to a Minnesota Blog Pantry event at A La Salsa.  The event was planned by Molly of Tastebud Tart.


Kristin and I have been on a blogging events roll….first with me attending Blissdom.  Then, Kristin attended SITS girl’s Bloggy Bootcamp.  And, now I was at this event for the Minnesota Blog Pantry group of women bloggers.  For those of you that are readers and not bloggers…let me tell you that meeting other bloggers in person after you have met them online is quite the fun!  I was so excited to meet Kate from Kate In the Kitchen in person.  Kate was our first guest blogger.


Allison of O My Family came out.  I met Allison last fall at MckMama’s Mudd Lake gathering.


Across the table from me sat Trish who writes Off Camera.  The margaritas were delish! Cheers, Trish!


And, the food was great as well!


Finally, I got to meet Liz, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist and Creative Mama blogger for Hot Mama.


Lenore of Mom Culture chatted with Jennifer of Unplanned Cooking.


There was a bit of Twittering underway!  And, Kate let her wild side out!


Also in attendance was Cindy of From Seeds to Sunflowers, Crystal from Cafe Cyan, Kathy of A Good Appetite and Ellisa of Little Bean Photography.


Then as the evening came to a close Molly handed out a Midtown Global Market swag bag!!


The evening was over and as I was driving out of the parking ramp I saw one blogger I didn’t get a chance to meet!  I made a quick decision to pull my van along side her car and introduce myself.  It was Stephanie the writer of Fresh Tart.   We had a nice long chat as you can see!


Then, I drove home listening to U2 and when I got there I opened up my swag bag filled with this…


and promptly took my Salty Tart Bakery treat and hid it in a tall cupboard where no one can find it.


The Salty Tart’s tarts were something I had waited a long time to try and it was gonna be mine all mine!


Thank you to Molly and Jennifer for planning a great night out for us all!!


There may be a few of you that I missed in my post…if I did, please leave a comment, introduce yourself and leave a link to your blog!!