Branding Exercise

Truth is, just as we were exploring community, communication and branding, we stumbled on this contest being hosted by Mom Central.  We decided, “Sure.  Let’s give it a try.”  Not knowing that the very application would enhance the journey we were already on.  As we began to fill out the questions, we realized this was a great exercise in learning how to communicate with our community who we were.  We thought we’d share with you.  If you are a blogger, we recommend answering the questions for yourself.  If you are just a friend, we hope you enjoy getting to know us better.


LoveFeast Table
We want to inspire our guests to savor and experience a beautiful life. We want them to live a LoveFeast Life.
We desire to grow our LoveFeast community through our BlogLove events. We have been hosting blogger networking events in our own cities, Baltimore and Minneapolis. Other bloggers have shown interest in having us come and host the events in their communities.

We have been hosting BlogLove events. These networking events are meant to be experiential and inspiring to our guests. When we create an event, we try to give our guest an experience that maybe they wouldn’t normally have had. For example, at our last BlogLove we hosted it at a trapeze studio where trapeze artist, Mara shared her story and performed. Our hope is that through the experience and through the “in real life” relationships that grow by coming together, our guests will walk away feeling inspired. We hope that translates to richer content and a stronger community.
1-2 years
We have already hosted four LoveFeast BlogLove events and have two more scheduled in the next six months. We have been working on a blog and branding redesign since November and are determined to create branding that communicates clearly our desire to inspire others to savor a beautiful life. We have also collaborated with a number of artists to create unique products to feature on our online boutique.
One of our current struggles is having the artist, who is working on our branding redesign, take our creativity, ideas and long term goals and translate them into a logo. We are committed to waiting until we have the right look, colors, themes that will reflect a LoveFeast Life. We won’t move forward with something that is not just right. This has made the process take a little longer than we expected.
The other thing we have been learning is the value social media has in growing our company. The time spent on social media is an investment that we believe will pay off.

We are passionate about encouraging others to savor the most out of life, whether it’s in a simple moment, delicious meal or memorable event. We believe that in experiencing life, we can inspire each other to live a richer and more beautiful life.
*We believe you should use your personal journey, relationships around you and your passions to determine an authentic, “true to you” voice.

*Don’t settle for a sub par, mass marketable brand. They are a dime a dozen. Take time to build a brand that is meaningful and brings you joy. We believe there will be more longevity for you and that will help your brand to continue to evolve.

*Make sure your brand and mission are consistent and simple throughout every level of communication.

We, Kristin and Chris Ann, met when over 16 year old sons were 6 months old. We spent 14 of those years being stay at home moms, supporting our entrepreneur husbands, build their businesses. As our kids have gotten older, we realized we needed to live out the motto we taught our children, “Pursue your passions.” We realized there would be more weight to that lesson if we were pursuing our own. What started as a desire to write a cookbook memoir has lead us on a journey into the blogging community. The friends that we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned the past two years have enriched and grown the goals for our company.
We love where this journey is taking us and are passionate about inspiring others to savor and experience a beautiful life…a LoveFeast Life.

Join us at the Table, or we’ll meet you at yours,

Kristin & Chris Ann

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